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SIFServiço de Inspeção Federal (Portuguese: Federal Inspection Service; Brazil)
SIFSupervised Injection Facility (drug care facility)
SIFStatens Institut for Folkesundhed (Danish: National Institute of Public Health)
SIFSelect Income Fund
SIFSchools Interoperability Framework
SIFStatus Information Frame
SIFSource Intermediate Format
SIFSynchronous Intermediate Form
SIFScroll Information
SIFSetup Installation File
SIFStandard Image Format
SIFSetup Information File
SIFSignaling Information Field
SIFSolid Interchange Format
SIFStress Intensification Factor (pipes)
SIFSecond Injury Fund (compensation insurance; various locations)
SIFSpecial Investment Fund (various locations)
SIFSocial Investment Forum
SIFSingapore International Foundation
SIFStandard Interchange Format
SIFSignificant Influence Function (corporate governance)
SIFStrategic Innovation Fund (various locations)
SIFSafety Instrumented Function
SIFState Insurance Fund (Puerto Rican government agency)
SIFSubsequent Injury Fund (various locations)
SIFStress Intensity Factor
SIFSelective Identification Feature
SIFSons of Italy Foundation
SIFSvenska Industritjänstemannaförbundet (Swedish Industrial Workers Union)
SIFSource Input Format
SIFSchool Improvement Fund (various organizations)
SIFStrategic Infrastructure Fund (various locations)
SIFSound Intermediate Frequency
SIFStructural Integrity Field (Star Trek)
SIFSerious Injury Frequency
SIFStore Integration Framework (middleware; IBM)
SIFSeat In Front
SIFState Investment Fund
SIFSecours Islamique France (French: Islamic Relief France; est. 1992)
SIFStateful Inspection Firewall
SIFSONET Interoperability Forum
SIFSettlement in Full
SIFStudent International Forum (various locations)
SIFStandard Infant Formula
SIFSystems Integration Facility
SIFSecondary Infertility
SIFSupposedly Irrelevant Factor (economics)
SIFService Information Field
SIFSSDB Interchange Format
SIFShort Interframe Space (networking)
SIFSilkeborg If Fodbold (Danish soccer club)
SIFSecret Internet Fatty
SIFSecurity Information File
SIFSystèmes d'Information Fluviale (French: River Information System)
SIFSource Image Format
SIFSignal Information Field
SIFSpinal Injury Foundation (Westminster, CO)
SIFStandard Simulator Database Interchange Format
SIFStumpy Induction Factor
SIFSOGS Integration Facility
SIFSignaux, Images et Formes (French: Signals, Images and Forms; signal processing)
SIFSecurity Issues Forum
SIFScientific Instrument Formatter (NASA)
SIFSilent Installation File (Microsoft)
SIFStandard Interchange Facilities
SIFSpecial Instruction Form
SIFSoftware Input Form
SIFSACDIN System Integration Facility
SIFSurface Inlaid Fibre
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"It's not because we're taking the spec to a new world," says Ron Kleinman, framework architect for the Schools Interoperability Framework Association (SIFA;, which developed and maintains the SIF specification.
"It's about comparing apples to apples," says Larry Fruth, executive director of the Schools Interoperability Framework Association (SIFA).
Getting the disparate systems within a school to talk to each other and share data--so that student records only have to be entered once rather than over and over has been the enduring mission of the Schools Interoperability Framework initiative for the past three years.
"The first thing that needs to be understood is that data warehouses are tools, not solutions," says Jill Abbott, learning strategist for the Schools Interoperability Framework Association (, which promotes the use of a common technology framework to allow interoperability between the different applications used by schools.
The Schools Interoperability Framework division of the Software and Information Industry Association recently hired The Open Group to help develop and deliver the SIF Compliance Program.
In answer to this need, the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF;, a nonprofit standards initiative for the K-12 market, is steadily building interoperability among vendors.
Some achievements include being one of the first districts to test the Schools Interoperability Framework in 1998.
Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) is being developed by software application companies that need a method for each of their different, and sometimes competing, software applications to talk to each other and share data.
The Schools Interoperability Framework, facing criticism for a lack of progress, has added 10 schools to its roster of showcase sites.
A group of software companies, school systems and other educational organizations joined together to create an organization called the Schools Interoperability Framework that makes this scenario a reality.
The Schools Interoperability Framework grew out of this idea.
Welcome to the first edition of SIFWorks, a new quarterly publication of the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF), produced in conjunction with T.H.E.
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