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SCHRStanding Committee on Human Resources (Louisiana)
SCHRSchrijver (Dutch)
SCHRSouthern Center for Human Rights (Atlanta, GA)
SCHRSteering Committee for Humanitarian Response
SCHRScottish Centre for Himalayan Research (King's College; Aberdeen, Scotland, UK)
SCHRScottish Church Heritage Research
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This abnormal secretion of anions leads to thick, tenacious secretions and exocrine dysfunction, resulting in a multi-systemic disease (Brennan & Schrijver, 2016).
Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the Netherlands with the residence in Brussels Dilyor Khakimov met with the Managing Director of the Netherlands VetEffect, Remco Schrijver.
Esta diferencia tambien se constata en el hecho de que no todas las categorias de la Wikipedia estan editadas mayoritariamente por hombres, sino que ciertas categorias culturales y de deportes como el patinaje son principalmente editadas por mujeres (Schrijver, 2016).
In a study by Pusch et al., P-selectin levels were examined in patients with acute ischaemic stroke with carotid stenosis and in chronic diseases such as Parkinson, and P-selectin was found to be significantly high.17 P-selectin has also been determined to be significantly high in patients with diabetes mellitus who developed several other diseases, such as ischaemic optic neuropathy,18 obesity,19 and SIRS.20 In Schrijver et al's study, cases were grouped as acute and chronic, and the control group was comprised of those who did not meet the latest sepsis criteria, which supports the current study.21 In another study by Chiu et al., P-selectin was found to be higher in patients at high risk of acute myocardial infarctus compared to a control group.21
Champion Sean Mischa Aranar and Ana Leonila Nualla, second placer Mark Jayson Gayon and Mary Joy Renigen, third placer Tristan John Ducay and Aileen De Lara, fourth placer Dominador Ylagan and Wendy Wang, fifth placer Ra'mu Ramos and Margaretha Christina Schrijver, sixth placer Edgardo Ladimo and Winifrida Constantino with (from left) Board of Adjudicators Chairman George Tan, DSCPI Chairman Noel Laman and DSCPI President Becky Garcia.
Schrijver et al., "Standardized web-based cognitive behavioural therapy of mild to moderate depression: A randomized controlled trial with a long-term follow-up," Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, vol.
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