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The Schutzhund trials are a competition to demonstrate the dog's obedience and courage.
trains and sells dogs for family and business protection, Schutzhund, police K-9, and military work.
Invitation to tender : Patrolling with Schutzhund, enforcement of house rules, messages and electronic logs and guidance to customers and support concerning parking garages City, to Elizabeth, stones, storks, Centralbahnplatz, each in Basel and St.
As this award winning, Californian German Shepherds breeder trains Schutzhund titled German Shepherds, female protection dogs since last 40-years also provides options to buy the attractive German Shepherd Puppies for sale locally or by shipping.
Horan's chosen sport of schutzhund isn't yet very well known in the states.
Police called for help from Helmut and his wife Dorothee, from Fallin, Stirlingshire, after hearing of their success in training German Shepherds to take part in Schutzhund, an international sport which focuses on a dog's working, tracking and obedience qualities.
Gello was born and raised in a kennel in Germany and trained as a police dog in his native land to the highest training level, Schutzhund Level III.
He has been trained since birth in the rigorous Schutzhund obedience technique.
Dean Calderon is a leading world champion and contender in working dogs and Schutzhund competitions.
However, many handlers involved in precision-based sports such as field work, obedience, and Schutzhund, along with many pet owners of "strong" breeds such as Rottweilers, Dobermans, and so-called "bully" breeds, still believe a healthy dose of compulsion is necessary to convince the dog he must perform as "commanded" (as opposed to "cued" or "requested").
She was an experienced dog sport aficionado, having competed in obedience, Schutzhund, flyball, agility, and carting.
Tracking titles, regardless of purebred status, are also available as a separate test through the United Schutzhund Clubs of America.