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Horan's chosen sport of schutzhund isn't yet very well known in the states.
But schutzhund competition demands far more of a dog - and its trainer.
For all intrigued by this unique sport so dependent on the special bonding between a man and his dog, the New England Regional Schutzhund Championship will be held at the Lancaster Fair Grounds in Bolton Sept.
Dean Calderon is a leading world champion and contender in working dogs and Schutzhund competitions.
Dean Calderon covers major training topics designed to help working dogs involved in police work, drug detection, search and rescue, cadaver search, Schutzhund, personal protection, and advanced obedience.
Police called Helmut and his wife Dorothee, of Fallin, Stirlingshire, after hearing of their success in training German Shepherds to take part in Schutzhund, a sport which focuses on a dog's working, tracking and obedience qualities.
Gello was born and raised in a kennel in Germany and trained as a police dog in his native land to the highest training level, Schutzhund Level III.
He has been trained since birth in the rigorous Schutzhund obedience technique.
Currently, a member of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America, Inc, she has also been a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- For the second year in a row, Cathy Jobe and Fratz vom Teuchelwald, the award-winning world champions in Schutzhund competition, have brought home the silver medal from the Schutzhund World Championship.
The Schutzhund World Championship, held in Boston, MA, from October 2 - 5, is a competition that focuses on the tracking, obedience and protection traits in German Shepherds.
Fratz, Jobe's 7-year-old, now-retired-from-competition German Shepherd, has been competing on the Schutzhund circuit since he was one year old and is a celebrity among competitors and fans alike.