SciDACScientific Discovery Through Advanced Computing (US Dept of Education Initiative)
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Having a distributable and extensible environment is a key requirement for SciDAC.
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As part of the SciDAC SDM Center, this work is made possible with the continued support of the DOE SciDAC program.
The collaboration between the CPES and SDM centers has been extremely beneficial for both teams and highlights the importance of the SciDAC model where computer and application scientists work closely together to advance state-of-the-art computational science.
Terence Critchlow is the SPA Thrust Area Lead within the SciDAC SDM Center at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
According to a personal communication between CRS and OSTP, the Obama Administration contends that Discovery Science and Engineering Innovation Institutes correspond with pre-existing Bioenergy Research Centers, SciDAC Institutes, and Energy Frontier Research Centers.
Centers, SciDAC Institutes, and the proposed Energy Frontier Research
Although the Outreach Center's primary focus is supporting SciDAC outreach, training and research objectives, another aim is to serve as an HPC information clearinghouse helping foster communication within the HPC community.
When technology companies see a possible role for their new architectures or methods in the scientific computing space, the Outreach Center provides a conduit between technology producers and scientific applications within SciDAC.
Since it was launched in 2001, a hallmark of the SciDAC Program has been to build stronger connections between different disciplines.
The Center has a two-pronged approach to making SciDAC and HPC more accessible to new communities.
Last June, the Center conducted a day of six tutorials in wide-ranging SciDAC-supported areas in conjunction with the SciDAC 07 Annual Meeting in Boston.