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SciELOScientific Electronic Library Online
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SciELO SA (Scientific Electronic Library online South Africa) is an integral part of the SciELO portal, which had its origins in Brazil and is now distributed across most South American countries.
Inicialmente, foi utilizada a base de dados Scielo (Scientific Electronic Library Online - Biblioteca Científica Eletrônica em Linha).
Metodologia: Se realizo una busqueda en las bases de datos de Pubmed, Science Direct, Google Academico, Scielo y Scopus.
Estimates from the SciELO Public Health state that in 2000 about 35 million people in North America suffered from diabetes mellitus; by 2025, this number will soar to 64 million in the region.
The addition of the Russian Science Citation Index to the Web of Science will follow a similar model to other national citation indices such as the KCI Korean Journal Database and the SciELO Citation Index, both added to the platform in 2014; and the Chinese Science Citation Database, hosted within the Web of Science since 2008.
We are grateful for SciELO South Africa, established by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), which enhances the discoverability/visibility of the published research and through which SAMJ and SAJS (and imminently the sister HMPG titles) are hosted.
Scielo is a portal of open access journals and was encouraged by the FASEP and BIREME foundations.
Service management, maintenance and supply of information systems Scielo Spain, IBECS translation and revision of terms Thesaurus Decs.
Internet sources where utilized to access electronic journal databases including Medline, Scielo and SportDiscus in order to identify and, where possible, access appropriate papers to be included in this review.
La busqueda se realizo en Pubmed, Cochrane, SciELO, TESEO, PROQOLID y BiblioPRO.
In addition it states that: "It's very probable that, in the coming years, the number of journals will continue to grow for two reasons: the labor of the FECYT (Coslado, Baez and Lacunza, 2010), Latindex (Flores, Penkova and Roman, 2009), REDALYC (Aguado and Rogel, 2006) and SciELO (Garcia-Testal, 2000) in the improvement of the quality of scientific publications and the inrush of competing evaluatory tools such as Scopus (Elsevier), Google Scholar Citation and Microsoft Academic Search, that forced the expansion of Thomson-Reuters to countries and areas underrepresented in their products" (Moreno-Pulido et al.
Web of Science advancements include expanded global coverage through the additions of the SciELO Citation Index, covering Latin America, South Africa, Spain, Portugal and the Caribbean; the Chinese Science Citation Database and the KCI Korean Journal Database; and access to content via links from open-web platforms such as Google Scholar.