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SOUPSoftware of Unknown Provenance
SOUPSolar Optical Universal Polarimeter (experiment)
SOUPScience Outreach Program (Virginia Tech)
SOUPSoftware of Unknown Pedigree
SOUPStudents Organized to Unite People
SOUPSpectrum Orbit Utilization Program
SOUPSimple Offline USENET (User's Network) Packet Format (software)
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Some of those same students visit local elementary school classrooms and lead experiments as part of the science outreach program.
The course is part of an elaborate Science Outreach program at the Institute and is a first of its kind in Pakistan.
It went aloft as part of the Project Aria science outreach program from Missouri's Washington University.
We were convinced our science content courses were turning education students off to the sciences because we were unable to recruit, after repeated attempts, any education majors to participate in a funded science outreach program.
The GK 12 Science Outreach Program is a joint effort by the UO's Materials Science Institute and the Lane Education Service District.
After participating in the university's science outreach program for area schoolchildren, Baynes acquired $10,000 for his own equipment, supplies, and vehicle.
As the Idaho Museum of Natural History began development of traveling exhibits, science kits, and videos for its Natural Heritage Project, an informal science outreach program, a needs assessment of informal science educators in Idaho was conducted.
Indumati Rao is an educator involved in science outreach programs. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)
Geek Heresy has shown me that my work to build and widely deploy a better mechanism for computer science outreach programs in middle schools and high schools will necessarily fail if I do not invest heavily in the training of the people (i.e., the middle and high school teachers) who would be the partners, working with the students to learn computer science.
She now writes for magazines and science outreach programs throughout Canada and Denmark about the environment, cargo bikes and other things dear to her.
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