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SPOVSpecific Phobia of Vomiting
SPOVSpolek Pro Obnovu Venkova (Czech: Association for Rural Reconstruction; historic preservation)
SPOVStichting Pensioenfonds Openbaar Vervoer (Dutch: Public Transport Pension Fund; Netherlands)
SPOVStichting Primair Onderwijs Venray (Dutch: Primary Education Foundation Venray; Venray, Netherlands)
SPOVScientific Point of View
SPOVSociété Protectrice des Oiseaux de Ville (French)
SPOVSocial Pattern of Value
SPOVSelling Price of Vehicle
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All influence is immoral--immoral from the scientific point of view."
Of course, from a scientific point of view, species do change over time, and one species may split into two, or two distinct species may interbreed sufficiently to become one--as is common for plants that hybridize easily.
"From a scientific point of view, I think about Tunguska all the time," he said.
From a scientific point of view, Hank is fairly ahead of the curve with all of his contraptions, but then this guy comes along who is just on a different level from anything they've dealt with before.
It was just a thing people told us to sell underwear, but from a scientific point of view it's not the case, it's not good for your energy levels," she says.
In the concluding part of the Conference, an initiative was presented to set up a think-tank that would consider all relevant issues the Republic of Macedonia is facing in order to address them from a scientific point of view based on which recommendations would be put forward as to how to act in the best way possible.
Targeting the general public, scientists, health care professionals, policy makers and politicians, Lyons-Weiler explores the recent Ebola outbreak from a scientific point of view. Serving numerous purposes, he aims to educate the public about the biology, dangers and realities of Ebola, to highlight potential serious flaws in the customs and practices of some of the institutions charged with ensuring public health, and to provide what is known and not known about Ebola guinea, as well as to inspire new areas of research.
In fact, I had to explain to them that even from a scientific point of view, the Marxist theories about the "immerisation" of the workers in the process of industrialization did not have any empirical backing.
The decisions [of the ministry] should be open to debate from a scientific point of view," said Bozoy-lu.
Tauriga CEO Stella Sung welcomed the purchase, saying that the topical cannabis space is compelling from a scientific point of view and there is a large addressable and growing market for its legitimate products.
"We are working very hard to minimise the impacts and complete as much of the work programme of the Australian Antarctic programme as possible." The trip on the Akademik Shokalskiy was aimed at emulating a 1911-1914 expedition by the Australian explorer, Sir Douglas Mawson and Frenot said "this kind of commemorative expedition has no interest from a scientific point of view".
A scholarly cross-examination of the latest understandings about work psychology from both a practical and scientific point of view, The Nature of Work is a welcome addition to college and library collections and professional psychology shelves.
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