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SWFShockwave Flash (Flash animation technology)
SWFSovereign Wealth Fund
SWFSouthwest Florida (various organizations)
SWFSpring Web Flow (software)
SWFSydney Writers' Festival (Australia)
SWFSüdwestfunk (former Southern German Radio Station; merged with SDR to SWR)
SWFShockwave Flash File
SWFSystem.windows.forms (.NET namespace)
SWFSalt Water Flush (alternative medicine)
SWFStandard Written Form (languages)
SWFSecure World Foundation (space security)
SWFSingle White Female
SWFStorm Water Flow (hydrology)
SWFScientific Workflows (workshop)
SWFShock Wave File
SWFSpiny Water Flea (species)
SWFSmall Web File (Macromedia Flash movie extension)
SWFStar Wars Forum (gaming)
SWFShallow Water Flow
SWFShort-wave Fade (out)
SWFSecret Weapons Facility (Castle Wolfenstien)
SWFNewburgh/Poughkeepsie, NY, USA - Stewart (Airport Code)
SWFStart Work Finish
SWFSwiss Wrestling Federation
SWFStrategic Weapons Facility
SWFSteelworker Fabricator (US Navy)
SWFSlow-Wave Factor
SWFSplash Water Falls (amusement park ride)
SWFSpotted Weakfish (FAO fish species code)
SWFSingapore Weightlifting Federation
SWFSalaries, Wages and Fringe
SWFStraight White Female
SWFStaff Working File
SWFSalary with Fringe (government accounting)
SWFSystem Weight Factor (Delphi Criteria under the DESP II Contract vehicle)
SWFSurface Wave Field
SWFStatistical Waterfilling Algorithm
SWFSemantic Weighting Factor (algorithm)
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The workflow technology, mainly used by the business community, seems to be one of the promising approaches adopted by the scientific community; the concept of scientific workflows emerged as an alternative to the conventional concept of business workflow.
Catalytic Corporate Platform is an R&D cloud solution that brings together digital assets, visual data analytics, scientific workflows, and collaboration capabilities.
He even highlighted the importance of cloud infrastructure for education and how it manages the execution of a variety of scientific workflows. He explained the importance of information which is accessible anywhere, anytime made available in cloud.
The business also offers an Application Marketplace to speed deployment and increase value for customers across a broad range of industries and scientific workflows. Core Informatics' laboratory data -management solutions are used by biopharma, genomics, and other scientific and industrial organizations.
Led by Erwin De Ley of iSencia and Christopher Brooks of the University of California, Berkeley, Triquetrum delivers an open platform for managing and executing scientific workflows. Its goal is to support a wide range of use cases, from automated processes based on predefined models to replaying ad-hoc research workflows recorded from a user's actions in a scientific workbench UI.
First, it designs a workflow generator, which generates three classic scientific workflows. Secondly, it makes analysis on the relationship between resource amount and profit under REAL.
Kepler: An Extensible System for Design and Execution of Scientific Workflows. Proceedings of the 16th Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management (SSDBM), (423-424), Santorini Island, Greece.
The focus of Elements is on simplicity and those users who require a basic ELN and collaboration environment." He goes on to say that one should "never underestimate the complexity of scientific workflows. By keeping it simple, we can focus on the core features that are needed across many different types of users and grab the 'long tail.'"
Scientific workflows that integrate multiple processing steps are increasingly applied in current computational environments, as opposed to single job submission to a cluster or a super computer.
Business and scientific workflows; a web service-oriented approach.
Speakers and attendees at examined the ways in which 100G networking will revolutionize scientific, medical, media arts, smart manufacturing, scientific workflows, and network research itself as well as examining the campus cyber infrastructure necessary to enable campuses to take full advantage of the coming bandwidth.
These scientific workflows typically involve complex data of different sizes and long term computer simulations.
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