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SCIVSea Club IV (timeshare resort; Daytona Beach Shores, FL)
SCIVScientific Visualization
SCIVSkin-Color Images from Video (Ecole Centrale de Lyon; France)
SCIVSubfacial Chronic Insufficiency of Veins
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There is a growing body of research into the classroom use of 'scientific visualizations' (Frailich, Kesner & Hoffstein, 2009; Lee et al., 2010; Wu, Krajcik & Soloway, 2001).
"The complexity and fidelity of current production DoD calculations consume terabytes of memory and tens of CPU years for a single simulation," said Jerry Clarke, Scientific Visualization Team Leader.
Indeed, this research indicated that scientific visualization of concepts during study time should be a focus of science curriculum.
Key words: discovery science; FEFF; FeffMPI; genetic programming; Hylleraas-Configuration Interaction; immersive environments; Lennard-Jones; nanostructures; screen saver science; parallel computing; QDPD; scientific visualization.
Howard McLean of Rose-Hulman chemistry/geology and William Wilkinson at Honey Creek Middle School have teamed up to use the technologies of scientific visualization -- particularly simulations, synoptic overviews, interactive multimedia, graphical data reductions and laboratory information management software to improve middle school learners' understanding of the concepts of science.
This unlikely grouping of multi-disciplined, multi-talented, multi-thinking individuals will strive to forge alliances to explore how the creative application of digital tools -- scientific visualization, interactive databases, GIS-based systems and computational modeling, as well as the Internet itself -- can open up new possibilities for environmental activism and positive global change.
Many research areas, particularly in environmental sciences, require techniques of both Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and scientific visualization systems.
Scientific visualization, or the use of computer graphics to represent data in ways that supports understanding, has played an increasingly important role in the analysis of large data sets (see Figure 1 and Table 1).
"I was doing scientific visualization. Scientists who worked at various universities around the Raleigh-Durham area would use the NCSC as a resource for doing computations for their own piece of science.
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