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SISports Illustrated
SISlovenia (international code)
SISystems Integration
SISystème International d'Unités (international system of units based on the Meter, Kilogram, Second, Ampere, Kelvin, Candela, and Mole)
SISystem Information
SISystem Information (Norton Utilities)
SIStatutory Instrument (UK Legislation term)
SIService Information
SISchool of Information (university)
SISquare Inch(es)
SISmithsonian Institution
SISupplemental Instruction
SISignal Integrity
SISpark Ignition
SIShift In
SISlightly Included (second lowest quality of diamond)
SISerious Injury
SIInternational System of Units (metric system; more commonly seen as ISU)
SISouth Island (New Zealand)
SIStaten Island
SISistema Informativo
SIStructural Integrity
SISystèmes d'Information
SIStandardization (Flight) Instructor
SISystem International
SISite Investigation
SISystem Integrator
SISensory Integration
SISexual Intercourse
SISystem Interface
SISports Interactive (game)
SIStill Image
SISmall Intestine
SISeriously Ill
SISelf Inflicted
SIScientific Investigation
SISistema de Informação
SISystems Integrator
SISingapore Idol (Singapore TV show)
SIStudy Island (software)
SIStrategic Initiative (management)
SISelf-Insert (fiction)
SISoftware Item
SISimply Irresistible (song)
SISpeaker Independent
SISelf-Incompatibility (botany)
SIScience and Industry
SISacroiliac Joint
SIShadow Image
SISiena, Toscana (Italian province)
SISwine Influenza
SISite Inspection
SISystems Intelligence (psychological theory)
SISoroptimist International
SISub Inspector
SISimple Interest
SISynergos Institute (San Diego, CA)
SISoftice (debugger)
SIService Index
SISwarm Intelligence
SISudden Impact (movie)
SISource Index
SISuicidal Ideation
SIScientific Instrument
SISensitive Item (algorithm)
SIService Indicator (SS7 SCCP)
SISituationist International (governing body of political dissidents circa 1968)
SISpecialty Item
SISPARC International, Inc.
SIService Integrator
SISemiconductor International
SIShared Interest (New York, NY)
SISide Information
SISpecial Instruction
SISchweizer Informatiker Gesellschaft (Zurich, Switzerland)
SIShrouded Isles (gaming, Dark Age of Camelot add-on)
SISilicon Image, Inc
SISpecific Impulse (measure of efficiency of rocket engines)
SISurface Impoundment
SISpecial Intelligence
SISpecial Inspection
SISimplified Issue (life insurance)
SISaturation Index
SISignal Interference
SIScience Instrument (Hubble Telescope)
SISoil Investigation
SISimilarity Index
SIStrategic Investor
SISpeech Impairment
SISalt Institute
SISolution Implementation
SISummons Issued
SISarcasm Intended
SISystematic Innovation
SISailing Instruction
SISecurity Inspector
SISolving International
SIStrange Interlude (Eugene O'Neill book)
SISensitivity Information
SISelf-Insertion (fan fiction)
SIShipping Instruction
SISiilinjärvi (Finnish)
SISexually Inappropriate
SISecondary Injection
SISolar Influences
SIScalable Infrastructure
SISkill Identifier (US Army)
SISucrase-Isomaltase Deficiency
SISettlement Instruction
SISurveillance and Intelligence
SISelf Isolation
SISafeguards Information
SISafe Intake
SIStandardization and Interoperability
SISpiritual Intervention (religious doctrine)
SISurveillance Index
SIStraight-In Approach
SISpray Injection
SISergeant Instructor
SISaint Ignatius College Preparatory (San Francisco, California)
SISmoothness Index
SISociety for India (Cornell University)
SISummary Investigation
SIScintillation Index
SISupporting Installation
SISamahang Ilokano (Filipino college organization)
SISolar Inertial
SISupplementary Insulation
SISponsor Identification
SISurveyor Intern
SISport Injected (Honda)
SISimple Interference
SISector Iridectomy (partial removal of the iris of the eye)
SISeptuagint Institute (Trinity Western University, Canada)
SISelective Interchange
SISafety/Site Inspection
SISemiconductor Ignition
SIShadow Instruction (computer instruction set)
SISharma Industries
SISomatosensory Receiving Area (in parietal lobe of cortex)
SISpokane International Railroad Company
SISignaling Intelligence
SISippy International
SINormalized Subthreshold Swing
SISlave Illuminator
SISystems Industries, Incorporated
SISocietatis Iesu, Latin for Society of Jesus, Jesuits (religious order)
SISecretaría Indigenista (Spanish: Indigenous Secertariat)
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This also includes the effects of other distributions such as Nakagami distribution on the scintillation index [18].
Alternatively, assuming [beta] = 2 in (9) and combining the result with (1), it is possible to establish the following relation between the scintillation index [S.sub.4] and the parameters of the [alpha]-[mu] distribution:
Note that each value of the scintillation index [S.sup.4] provides a unique Nakagami-m distribution.
To stress the importance of the flexibility provided by [alpha]-[mu] model in comparison with the limitations of the Nakagami-m distribution in this particular aspect, Figures 3(a), 3(b), and 3(c) show three examples of different scintillation patterns with approximately the same scintillation index [S.sub.4] (=0.90).
Figure 4 shows three examples of the Nakagami-m (dashed lines) and [alpha]-[mu] (solid lines) PSDs represented by (14), for different values of the scintillation index [S.sub.4], assuming [[tau].sub.o] = 0.47 s and thus [f.sub.0] = 0.59 Hz.
Baykal and Eyyubogl [25] developed the scintillation index formula for a flat-topped Gaussian beam source on axis in turbulence.
In this paper, we use the techniques in [28], the altitude-dependent model of the ITU-R turbulence structure constant model, to develop a scintillation index model for a Gaussian Schell-model beam on the slant path that is applicable under weak-to-strong fluctuations.
The beam is off the optical axis, and the scintillation index is expressed as a sum of radial and longitudinal components in the form at a point.
The radial component of the scintillation index in weak fluctuation is given by [16]
The strength of the intensity fluctuation of the optical beam propagating through turbulence is measured by scintillation index, defined as
To calculate the scintillation index, it is important for use to take the characteristic time of intensity fluctuation of the source [[tau].sub.s], the response time of intensity fluctuation induced by the turbulence [[tau].sub.a] and the integration time of the detector [[tau].sub.d] into consideration.
Most of the literatures were devoted to investigate the scintillation index of a partially coherent beam under the condition of "slow detector".