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SCOPAStanding Committee on Public Accounts (South Africa)
SCOPASamoa College Old Pupils Association
SCOPAStanding Committee on Professional Awareness (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
SCOPAStudent Chapter Outstanding Performance Award (Association of Information Technology Professionals)
SCOPASouth Carolina Organ Procurement Agency, Inc. (Charleston, SC)
SCOPAStanding Conference on Portable Antiquities (England, UK)
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By bringing the latest collaboration solutions to SCOPA, we are confident that the state capital cities can better fulfill their vital mission to plan for and execute a well-coordinated response to any incident or crisis," said Brian Hays, CEO of SiteScape.
Scopa also condemns the fact that SAA has accumulated fruitless and wasteful expenditure in immigration penalties amounting to R6.
Correlacoes Rho P UPDRS--Parte I vs Alteracao do sono 0,512 0,010 UPDRS--Parte I vs Difusao diurna 0,419 0,041 UPDRS--Parte I vs Pittsburgh 0,418 0,042 Qualidade Percebida do Sono vs Funcoes visuo-espaciais - 0,402 0,050 Latencia do Sono vs Memoria - 0,512 0,011 Latencia do Sono vs Funcao Visuo Espacial - 0,509 0,011 Latencia do Sono vs Scopa Soma - 0,451 0,027 Duracao do Sono vs Atencao - 0,439 0,032 Alteracoes do sono vs Memoria Tardia - 0,520 0,009
Kakkos, Scopa and Chalmoukis et al, stated micro calcifications are highly specific for malignancy with a sonographic specificity of 93% to 95%.
nitida in having a more or less single-colored rusty yellow scopa (black and white in A.
Gauteng chairperson of Scopa Sipho Makama said that the four central academic hospitals should be independent, instead of run by the provincial health department.
Douglas, Scopa and Gray (2000:3), on the other hand, offer a less radical and more pragmatic approach which allows for a variety of options within this mode of research--each with specific characteristics.
En este contexto surge un ciudadano caracterizado por el rechazo y el distanciamiento hacia el consumismo, esto es, el consumo masivo, raso y uniforme y, por esta razon, cada vez menos enclaustrado en los habituales nichos de clase (media) e inclinado hacia un tipo de conductas que, siguiendo la precisa caracterizacion de Oscar Scopa (3), hemos decidido denominar: "consumo nostalgico de aristocracia".
On the occasion, Habib Bourguiba Esplanade located on the banks of the Seine, appeared as a Tunis neighbourhood, attracting a lot of Maghreb, French, Maltese and Asian nationals who came to learn Chkobba, or Scopa, the card game introduced by Neapolitans in the last century.
You think that you are in Italy with all the special foods he prepares with his chef friend Ari Rosen of Scopa Restaurant in Healdsburg.
These frequencies are considerably less than the 21% of patients with negative margins harboring residual carcinoma in resection specimens reported by Scopa et al.