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SCOPSSustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (sheep producing industry; UK)
SCOPSSecurity Concept of Operations
SCOPSSonlight Curriculum Online Purchasing System (Littleton, CO)
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As nocturnal bird, scops owls feed on insects, and are not recommended as pets because they are not easy to feed.
Thus, we hypothesized that, for rodent species common in the diet of both owls, the Ural owl would consume larger and older prey than the Japanese scops owl.
They told me that they usually take in two to three scop owls per year," the lecturer said.
The third one is the SCOP that is calculated as the ratio of annual total cooling load to annual total energy consumption (the third term of Equation 2) from the hourly cooling load and electricity consumption simulated by the chiller sequence control simulation model.
People get to handle the birds, especially the little scops owl, and they enjoy getting up close and personal.
She said the Cyprus Scops owl 'Otus scops cyprius' was a unique, diminutive owl.
INVADERS: The hoopoe (above) the scops owl and (left) the serin
Of the many epic poems assumed to have been created by Anglo-Saxon scops, only one has come down to us complete and relatively intact.
For treatment, SCOPS advises farmers to use a white (1-BZ) drench, which is suitable for young lambs.
Sheep farmer and SCOPS chairman Peter Baber said: "While there are a number of reasons why ewes may be thin, a liver fluke burden is still a major risk factor.
Researchers who studied European scops owls found the hooting of males reflected their body weight.
Mr Prymaka said: "The favourite bird seems to be the Piccolino, a white- faced Scops Owl, who supervises the class from his perch on the desk.