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SCOPSSustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (sheep producing industry; UK)
SCOPSSecurity Concept of Operations
SCOPSSonlight Curriculum Online Purchasing System (Littleton, CO)
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The RGCs with < 50 [mm.sup.2] of median soma area are only recorded in the retinal fields at each section level in the little owl and in the peripheral nasal field (N1) and central ventral field (V3) in the scops owl retina.
The study concludes that three owl species; Spotted owlet, Little owl and the Tawny owl, inhabit MHNP Islamabad whereas three owl species viz., Himalayan Barred Owlet, Oriental Scops owl, Pallid Scops owl, previously reported by Roberts (1991) have not been sighted during the current study.
Thus, we hypothesized that, for rodent species common in the diet of both owls, the Ural owl would consume larger and older prey than the Japanese scops owl.
"They told me that they usually take in two to three scop owls per year," the lecturer said.
Pulsar currently processes one billion Streaming Classification Operations Per Second (SCOPS).
FACE TO FACE: Fiona Mackenzie meets a white-faced scops owl at Coombe Country Park
The seven inch tall Scops owl - which is native to southern Europe - was found exhausted on a rig 110 miles off Aberdeen.
For example, ornithologists (bird scientists) used to lump the fluffy brown screech owls found separately both in the Comoros Islands and in Madagascar into a single species called Madagascar scops owl.
An Anglo-Saxon minstrel, usually attached to a particular royal court, although scops also traveled to various courts to recite their poetry.
SCOPS said producers can continue to use 3-ML products but only when necessary and following a confirmed diagnosis.
Concerned citizens turned over two mature Philippine Scops owls, which were found in two towns on Tuesday (Jan.
Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) recommends the use of a white (1-BZ) drench and advises farmers to act if they think their lambs are at risk.