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SCOSStandard Course of Study
SCOSSingle Copy Object Store
SCOSStanding Conference on Organizational Symbolism
SCOSSmart Card Operating System (software)
SCOSScience Course of Study (Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation)
SCOSStabschef Operative Schulung (German: Chief of Staff Operational Training; Swiss Armed Forces)
SCOSSpacecraft Operating System
SCOSSingle Class of Stock (taxes; S corporations)
SCOSScottish Chamber of Safety
SCOSService Center Organization Study
SCOSSupply Chain Operating Services (i2)
SCOSSatellite Control and Operations System (European Space Agency)
SCOSSystem Checkout Procedure
SCOSSurveillance, Collection, & Operations Support
SCOSSub-System Computer Operating System
SCOSSmall Computer and Office Systems (Honeywell)
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SCO has emerged as a regional group in 2001 from the ashes of Shanghi-5, a prototype conceived in 1996 to settle down border disputes in the post-soviet era.
Further, article also highlights the complementarity of SCO with Eurasian Economic Union and CPEC (the Belt and Road Initiative) by bringing to fore Pakistan as pivot to connect central Asia, China and Russia.
Seldom, however, does the SCO have a trained comptroller assigned to handle its RM functions.
To build and sustain a successful RM program, it's important to have a thorough understanding of the SCO's roles and responsibilities.
The regulations add that a commercial contractual agreement (such as a lease, loan or employment agreement) is not a binding agreement and is not a governing provision, unless a principal purpose is to circumvent the SCOS requirement.
Although the firm had only one class of stock outstanding, there were two different arrangements as to redemption rights that potentially challenged the SCOS requirement.
The e-mail was sent to SCO's vice president and general manager of SCOsource, Chris Sontag, by Mike Anderer, CEO of SCO consultant S2 Partners LLC.
So Lost Wages was probably as good a setting to divulge what SCO believes are some of the smoking guns.
The company has signed one large customer up to its Intellectual Property License for Linux, but faces opposition from many more who believe SCO must prove its claims in a court of law before they will hand over the $700 per CPU for the license.
It also announced the pricing for the SCO Intellectual Property License for Linux, which Linux shops can now buy to indemnify themselves from future lawsuits that SCO might file relating to its legal disputes with IBM Corp and Red Hat over alleged misappropriation of Unix technologies into the open source Linux operating system.
Provo, Utah-based Novell had threatened to derail SCO's Unix intellectual property enforcement plans with its announcement in May that it, and not SCO, was the rightful owner of the Unix copyrights.