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SCRASouth Carolina Research Authority
SCRAServicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003
SCRASecurities Contract Regulation Act (Indian law)
SCRASprint Car Racing Association
SCRAState Committee on Religious Affairs
SCRAScottish Countryside Rangers Association
SCRASingle Channel Radio Access
SCRASignal Corps Regimental Association
SCRAShamokin Creek Restoration Alliance (Pennsylvania)
SCRASouthern California Rocket Association
SCRASilicon Carbide Reinforced Aluminum
SCRASuperspeed Computer Research Association (Japan)
SCRASea Containers, Ltd Class A Stock (NYSE)
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At Pertexa, we look forward to working with SCRA in assisting the U.
The bank has been asked to review all of its (non-mortgage) accounts from January 1, 2006 to May 29 to ensure compliance with various provisions of the SCRA.
The court in Empirian reviewed the definitions of military orders and PCS and the general intent of [section] 535(a)(1) to find the Defendant had wrongfully withheld security deposits from servicemembers who had properly terminated their leases under the SCRA.
SCRA Technology Ventures helps innovative companies grow and develop new technologies, creating jobs and advancing the Knowledge Economy throughout South Carolina.
The SCRA advised attendees of its ability to set up Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and access to the Science Park.
Ambrose Schwallie, SCRA Executive Vice President stated, "We recognize there must be an integrated supply chain for renewable energy feedstock right here in South Carolina, enabling companies like Integro Earth Fuels to successfully capitalize on the opportunity for exports.
They include SCRA training for employees and agents, and developing SCRA policies and procedures to ensure compliance with that law.
SCRA is bringing the region's contribution to the development of cleaner, greener energy to an international audience by attending events such as the recent World Future Energy Summit 2011 which was held in Abu Dhabi earlier this month, helping to shape policy for future generations.
SCRA does not make campaign contributions in any election.
Once fully configured, SCRA believes a five to tenfold reduction in delivery times is possible for poured metal part base shapes versus conventional procurement methods.
By comparison to its progenitors, however, the substantive and procedural complexity of the SCRA is unparalleled.
The General Assembly of South Carolina has created SCRA.