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SFLSouth Florida (various organizations)
SFLSekmadienio Futbolo Lyga (Lithuanian: Sunday Football League)
SFLStudents for Liberty (est. 2007)
SFLSoldier for Life (US Army)
SFLSkills for Life
SFLSmime Freeware Library
SFLStandard Function Library
SFLState Fishing Lake (various locations)
SFLSecond Foreign Language
SFLSystemic-Functional Linguistics
SFLSaskatchewan Federation of Labour (Canada)
SFLSingle-Family Low (zoning)
SFLSucker for Love
SFLSociété Foncière Lyonnaise (French: Lyonnaise Property Company; Lyon, France)
SFLShelter for Life (Maple Grove, IL)
SFLSchools Fantasy League
SFLStoner for Life
SFLSolid Film Lubricant
SFLSequenced Flashing Lights
SFLSurgery Fort Lauderdale (Florida)
SFLScreen For Life (CDC cancer screening)
SFLSociété Française du Livre (French: French Book Society)
SFLSimulated Forced Landing (aviation)
SFLStructures Formelles du Langage (French: Formal Structure of Language)
SFLSoldier Focused Logistics
SFLSociété Française de Luth (French: French Lute Society)
SFLSociety of Federal Linguists
SFLStatistiques et Finances Locales (French: Statistics and Local Finance; economics forum)
SFLSciences de La Fabrication et Logistique (French: Science of Manufacturing and Logistics; educational engineering program)
SFLStructural Floor Level
SFLSteel Flying Lead (Oil & Gas)
SFLStingray Foundation Library (software)
SFLSingle-Face Laminate
SFLSafe Fill Level (vessel design, vapor space)
SFLState Farm Life Insurance Company (Bloomington, Illinois)
SFLSanté France-Laos (French: Health France-Laos)
SFLSectorized Fill Layout
SFLSandford Freight Ltd. (Ireland)
SFLSingle Folded Letter (philately)
SFLSecondary Freon Loop
SFLSize Float Level
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Purvis and her colleagues studied the cost and effect of the CDC's Screen for Life campaign, which was aimed at increasing public awareness about colorectal cancer.
Purvis and her colleagues studied the cost and effect of the CDC's Screen for life campaign to increase public awareness of colorectal cancer, the centerpiece of which was a 6-week campaign based on advertisements posted to the Yahoo
002, ad placement cost per 1,000 audience exposures was $1,43, and the total cost per visit to the Screen for Life Web site initiated through the Yahoo
The Screen for Life campaign informs Americans 50 years of age or over, the age group most at risk, about the importance of colorectal cancer screening tests for early detection and prevention of the disease.
Screen for Life, the National Breast and Bowel Cancer Screening Program led by the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) and supported by Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), has conducted over 6,000 breast screenings since the program was launched in 2016.
Laura Seeff, lead author of the study and a medical consultant for the Screen for Life campaign.
The dedicated mobile screening unit plays a crucial role in the Screen For Life efforts and provides screening access to people who cannot easily get access to one of the programme's three fixed facilities at the Al Wakra, Leabaib and Rawdat Al Khail health centres.
Led by the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), the Screen For Life team delivered 24 awareness lectures attended by 864 people in 2017.
The campaign, titled 'During Movember, don't forget to screen for bowel cancer,' is seeing the Screen for Life team engage with communities, citizens and residents across Qatar through the media campaign and awareness lectures emphasising the programme's goal and stressing the benefits of screening in the early detection of cancer.
As part of the initiative, Screen for Life team also registered eligible ladies for a mammogram test, which is designed for the early detection of breast cancer in women aged 45 and above.
Tribune News Network Aster Hospital recently conducted free mammogram tests for 65 women with the support of the national breast and bowel cancer screening programme Screen For Life led by the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC).