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THDSScrew Threads
THDSThe Home Depot Supply (The Home Depot, Inc.)
THDSThe Hague Death Squad (gaming clan)
THDSThermal Helium Desorption Spectroscopy
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By 1858, his screw threads were being used universally, and in 1880 they were officially adopted by the Board of Trade.
The plastic blast media is propelled at the encrusted screw threads by a high impact stream of air generated from a Guyson G27 (27 litre) pressure pot and directed at the threads through a tungsten blast nozzle.
A real engineer gets four hours of screw thread training.
Predrilling proper sized pilot holes that are only slightly smaller than brass screw threads is key, especially in hardwood.
On rare occasions I could run a tap inside the bushing and clean up the stock screw threads.
Hanger bolts feature large screw threads on one end and bolt threads on the other.
This standard specifies the thread form, series, class, allowance, tolerance, and designation for unified screw threads.
precision racks and screw threads for mechanical handling, Brighouse, Yorkshire, U.
In the intermediate regions, fiber is oriented in a way said to anchor the torque-resistant screw threads securely to the stabilized core.
As a control to evaluate the effect of screw threads on the polyurethane foam, a smooth pin of the same root diameter as the 6.