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SUStart Up (various organizations)
SUStanford University (Stanford, CA)
SUSteven Universe (series)
SUSoviet Union
SUSupervisory (duties)
SUAeroflot (airline code)
SUSyracuse University (Syracuse, NY)
SUSingle Unit (truck)
SUSudbury (Ontario city)
SUStudents' Union
SUSoftware Update
SUStudent Union
SUStorage Unit
SUStockholm University (Sweden)
SUSources and Uses
SUSingle User
SUScrew You
SUSouthern University
SUShut Up
SUSketchUp (Google application)
SUSonic Unleashed (video game)
SUSeattle University
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SUStetson University
SUService Unit
SUSiliman University (Philippines)
SUSub Unit (USMC)
SUStumble Upon (website)
SUStraight Up
SUSummer Universiade (sporting event)
SUSurface Unit
SUSunnuntai (Finnish: Sunday)
SUSilpakorn University (Bangkok, Thailand)
SUSalisbury University
SUSabanci University (Istanbul, Turkey)
SUStroke Unit (medicine)
SUStandard Unit
SUSouthwestern University (Georgetown, Texas)
SUScripture Union
SUSpace Unit
SUSwitch User (Linux)
SUSofia University (Sofia, Bulgaria)
SUSahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset (Gothenburg, Sweden hospital)
SUShenandoah University (Winchester, VA, USA)
SUSusquehanna University (Selinsgrove, PA)
SUShippensburg University
SUSuperb Used (philately)
SUStrayer University
SUSensor Unit
SUSamford University (Birmingham, AL, USA)
SUShepherd University (Shepherdstown, WV)
SUShiraz University
SUStatens Uddannelsesstøtte (state education grant and loan scheme in Denmark)
SUSignal Unit (CCS #7 ITU-T)
SUSullivan University (Lexington, Kentucky)
SUSims Unleashed (game)
SUSwitching Unit
SUSkinners Union
SUSubscriber Unit
SUSiehe Unten (German: see below)
SUSearch Unit (US DoD)
SUSignaling Unit
SUSpringfield University (The Simpsons)
SUSchreiner University (Kerrville, Texas)
SUSub Urban Area (terrain type)
SUSituational Understanding (US Army)
SUSouth Underground
SUSpousal Unit
SUSonic Underground (TV show)
SUSpecial Unitary (mathematics; group theory)
SUScoville Unit (heat level of chili peppers)
SUService Uniform (US Navy)
SUSihala Urumaya (political party, Sri Lanka)
SUShareholders United (campaigning to keep Manchester United independent)
SUSupply-Use (tables)
SUCanceled-To-Order (special philatelic cancel; hobby usage)
SUSelectable Unit (IBM)
SUStockist Undertaking (UK)
SUSamakhodnaya Ustanovka (Soviet self-propelled gun)
SUSvar Udbedes (Danish: Reply Requested, on invitations)
SUSiegburg/Rhein-Sieg-Kreis (German license plate)
SUStat Unit
SUSukhoi, Pavel Osipovich (aircraft designer)
SUSubresolution Attenuated
SUSafe, Undetected Failure
SUSindh University Jamshoro (Pakistan)
SUSulphonyl Urea (herbicide)
SUSpitali Ushtarak (Albanian: Military Hospital)
SUSociety of the Sisters of St. Ursula (religious order)
SUSubmarine Unqualified
SUSurd'Universo ( Portugal)
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The Program approved DHSS' application for funding in July 2007, (49) and entered into a funding agreement with Scripture Union Queensland a few months later.
Mr Lorenz composed the 1980 number one single There's No one Quite Like Grandma, which was sung by the St Winifred's School Choir Scripture Union Publishing Commissioning Editor 'Tricia Williams said Pam Rhodes - a patron of Methodist Homes for the Aged patron and BBC's Songs of Praise presenter - put her in touch with Mr Lorenz.
Changed by the Word describes the first fifty years of Scripture Union (SU) in Ghana (1952-2002), using "a collection of human stories linked by .
It adds punters can use a "very discreet side entrance" but fails to mention the flat is under the full gaze of the hundred-plus followers at the Scripture Union in Bletchley, Bucks.
He also works as a Baptist lay preacher all over Scotland, teaches religious students in the Scripture Union movement and does drug rehabilitation work.
Scripture Union has joined with the charity Street Children of Peru to provide practical help for such children.
Regarded as a pillar of the community, Brown became a leader of a Scripture Union camp on the north coast during the 1960s and used his position to sexually abuse boys aged 11 and 12.
The project was set up in 1999 by the Scripture Union charity and aims to take many homeless boys off the streets by providing centres for them to live in.
She has had worked published by the Church Pastoral Aid Society and by Scripture Union and is writing a book on Christianity in the new Millennium.
Gweru Aids Prevention Association, Pakame Children's Home, Scripture Union Midlands, National Council for the disabled Persons in Zimbabwe, Mary Mount Hospital, Lower Guruve Development Association, Mufudzi Wakanaka, Total Control of the Epidemic, Tony Waite Foundation and Chiedza Home of Hope are the ten organisations selected under the project.
Rodd moved to Scotland with a friend in the early 1990s to do youth work with the charity Scripture Union.