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SCRLScroll Lock
SCRLSpecified Contract Required Language (translation service)
SCRLSociété Coopérative a Responsabilité Limitée (French: Cooperative Limited Liability Company)
SCRLSouthern California Research Lodge
SCRLStanford Campus Residential Leaseholders
SCRLSouth Central Regional Library (Canada)
SCRLSmall Cap Research Limited (New Zealand)
SCRLSprint Car Racing League
SCRLSouthern Crops Research Laboratory (USDA)
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Although it was useful in the old DOS days, the Scroll Lock key has fallen into disuse--except for Excel, where it performs a very valuable function.
Even if you have a two-button mouse, you can duplicate Cool Mouse's functions by pressing the Scroll Lock key and the right-hand button simultaneously.
The keyboard control panel allows users to turn off the Caps Lock keys as well as the Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys.
In fact, it also will alert you if you mistakenly (or purposely) engage the Num Lock or Scroll Lock key.
Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock are all keys that toggle on until pressed a second time.