SDWASystem Diagnostic Work Area
SDWASun Data Warehouse Appliance
SDWASingapore-Delft Water Alliance (research project)
SDWASafe Drinking Water Act of 1974
SDWASouth Delta Water Agency (California)
SDWASystem Diagnostic Work Area (IBM)
SDWASan Diego Wrestling Association (San Diego, CA)
SDWASan Diego Windsurfing Association (San Diego,CA)
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2000), which addresses a state law that incorporates portions of the federal SDWA; Friends of Ottawa River v.
In 1992, the city of Decatur entered into a regulatory agreement under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), committing itself to bringing its water supply into compliance with the 10 mg l-1 limit by the year 2000.
Most of the administrative coordination that exists can be traced to the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) of 1974.
As a result, Congress has undertaken a review of the SDWA and its re-authorization.
Nevertheless, the new Congress is considering legislation that curtails several important provisions of the SDWA, and a formidable lobby representing cities, counties, states and water utilities is backing the effort.
TABLE 3 Numbers of Claims Filed under Each Statute Statute Cases Filed CWA 945 RCRA 322 CERCLA 106 TSCA 17 CAA 13 SDWA 11 Source: Compiled by the authors from data in the citizen suit database.
residents benefit from municipally treated water regulated by the SDWA, the 14% of the population (44.5 million people) who obtain their drinking water from private wells are excluded from these protections (Maupin et al.
For example, the SDWA's MCLs and the WHO's drinking water standards set limits on fecal coliforms, and impose disinfectant requirements to ensure adequate treatment for pathogens.
Drinking Water Act (SDWA), which does contain a sovereign immunity
Tory councillors, however, said SDWA had found it difficult at times to get some groups of professionals to attend, and those who did often already had a specific interest in domestic abuse.