SeGWSecurity Gateway
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The femto-cell is required to communicate with the Initial SeGW after it has been energized.
In order to provide secure communications between the femto-cell and the Initial SeGW, an IPSec tunnel is established between the two entities.
In the absence of a CGW, the femto-cell would make this request to the Initial SeGW via the IPSec tunnel established previously.
Section 5.1.1 of [9] requires that even if the Serving SeGW is the same as the Initial SeGW, the tunnels are still destroyed.
The femto-cell is required to communicate with the Serving SeGW after the femto-cell has gone through the initialization and provisioning steps.
After this step, the femto-cell establishes an IPSec tunnel with the Serving SeGW. This is the same procedure that was followed by the femto-cell when it formed an IPSec tunnel with the Initial SeGW.
Once these tunnels are established, they will be used "forever" to provide secure communication between the femto-cell and CGW and the CGW and the Serving SeGW.