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SECCHISun-Earth Connection Coronal Heliospheric Investigation
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El caracter de Eros es afin al de la belleza, pues ambos son mediadores necesarios (Secchi 60) y ninguno es la meta; son los recursos para dialogar con la naturaleza sensible del hombre.
The environmental parameters measured in situ for the period 2009-2015, salinity, Secchi (water clarity), and temperature, did not exhibit a significant correlation with any of the seagrass measurements (Table 4).
A lake can vary in water transparency, so it is important to take numerous Secchi disk readings throughout the day.
Sites Station depth (m) Dissolved oxygen (ppm) Dry Wet Littoral site (SS1) 2.5 12.06 2.88 Vegetated site 27 17.53 3.54 (SS2) Pelagic site 47 12.6 2.78 (SS3) Sites Parameters Temperature ([degrees]C) Conductivity([micro]s/cm) Dry Wet Dry Wet Littoral site (SS1) 23.4 23.2 1806 1585 Vegetated site 21.7 23.2 1491 1600 (SS2) Pelagic site 22.4 23.7 1712 1559 (SS3) Sites Parameters pH Secchi depth (m) Dry Wet Dy Wet Littoral site (SS1) 8.5 7.46 2 1.1 Vegetated site 7.54 8.09 4.5 3.8 (SS2) Pelagic site 8.51 7.75 4 3.6 (SS3) Table 3: Data used for estimation MSY of Lake Ardibo using physico-chemical parameters.
Nicola Secchi, (1,2) Costantino Fadda [ID], (2) Ivo Pinna, (1) Alessandra Del Caro [ID], (2) Paola Conte, (2) Antonio Piga, (2) Simonetta Fois, (1) and Pasquale Catzeddu (1)
First, Secchi disks are used to measure the maximum water depth at which an object may be observed from the surface.
pH (7.6-7.8), ammonia (NH4-N) and `nitrites (NO2-N) less than (0.001mg/l), Secchi's disc visibility (8 cm to 46 cm).
Killer whales, on the other hand, have been reported in southern Brazil throughout the year, usually near the shelf break and the continental slope, in waters depth ranging from 110 to 3500 m (Castello and Pinedo, 1986; Pinedo et al., 2002; Dalla Rosa and Secchi, 2007; Passadore et al., 2015; Di Tullio et al., 2016).
The turbidity levels are determined by the Secchi disk depth (The Secchi disk depth provides a method for assessing turbidity.
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