SECDEFSecretary of Defense
SecDefSecurity & Defence Day (EU)
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James Forrestal had the distinction of being the last cabinet-level SECNAV and the first SECDEF on Sept.
108) "[S]pecific SecDef review and approval on a case-by-case basis" is required for any other purpose.
David Pimpo, adding that since the establishment of this recognition program in fiscal year 2005, NAVSUP WSS has won 15 of the 34 SECDEF PBL Awards that have been given out.
It certainly will enrich the knowledge of anyone interested in the politics of defense during this period and the actions taken by SecDef McNamara.
SecDef approval for RPA use is also required for specific missions,
That morning the CNO Report indicates that at "about 0900, SECDEF received a standard merchant ship briefing.
SecDef emphasized that a UNSC resolution was important because it would give the European Union and nations a legal platform on which to impose even harsher sanctions against Iran.
I have been pulled to be lead planner on various projects for SECARMY, (b) TSG, (c) CSA/ VCSA, (d) and the SECDEF (e) .
The SecDef [secretary of defense], with assistance from the CJCS [chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff], determines where the US military should be focused and where the nation can afford to accept risk.
According to JP 5-0, operational design is based on strategic guidance or direction that is initiated by the President through the SecDef, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the combatant commander.
The McNamara Ascendancy, 1961-1965 is the first of a planned two volume work by the History Office of the SECDEF covering the McNamara era.
The authors did take as an assumption, they wrote, that "treatment provided for in Presidential and SECDEF orders constitutes 'humane treatment.