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This is a relatively new subfield within second language acquisition research which focuses on pragmatic competence and performance of second and foreign language learners.
The tradition of second language acquisition research signalled that investigation of language learning had reached a certain level of maturity.
Second language acquisition research has today developed into a huge industry, and there have been many attempts to apply its findings.
An historical overview of second language acquisition research.
Great expectations: second language acquisition research and classroom teaching.
Second language Acquisition Research and Teacher Development: the case of teachers' questions.
The acceptance of this term is evident in the titles of such benchmarking works as Larsen-Freeman and Long's An Introduction to Second Language Acquisition Research (1991) and Ellis's The Study of Second Language Acquisition (1994).
Long (1991) An Introduction to Second Language Acquisition Research, London: Longman.
Second language acquisition research theoretical and methodological issues
While this situation continues to characterize FSLT, developments in the field of second language acquisition research have refocused attention on the influence of the L1.
They survey ideas on measuring second language proficiency, touching on ideas drawn from different branches of second language acquisition research, such as sociolinguistics and applied linguistics.
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