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Much less attention has been paid so far to the role of lexical input in spontaneous talk in second language vocabulary acquisition (for a discussion, see Ellis, 1999).
Children who speak one language at home and another in school depend, to a large extent, on the language input they receive at school in their second language vocabulary acquisition.
When examining the unique contribution of lexical input in preschool on children's second language vocabulary acquisition, relations between children's first and second language vocabulary should be considered.
I decided to explore relations between the lexical input the children received in this distinct situation and their second language vocabulary acquisition.
Nagata (1999) suggests that interactive computerized glosses enhance second language vocabulary acquisition.
Context is another important issue in second language vocabulary acquisition.
Research has shown that second language vocabulary acquisition is enhanced if the verbal information is accompanied by pictorial information and if the learners are encouraged to manipulate the form of the unknown word in order to create their own associations between form and meaning.
This study's findings confirmed Channell's (1988) ideas about the importance of the active role of learners during second language vocabulary acquisition.
This paper will first summarize research done over the years on the impact of multimedia annotations on second language vocabulary acquisition.
A brief overview will be given of previous research on second language vocabulary acquisition enhanced by multimedia annotations.
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