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"Wull ye be tellun' me," she said, "thot uf the second Samuel hod been named Larry thot he would no hov fell un the hot watter an' drownded?
Second Samuel. A small-town comedy set in 1940s Georgia, focused on the secrets one woman's death brings to light.
It proved a thrilling race for the Harriers, with Callum Durrans leading the charge to finish second Samuel Bedingfield hot on his heels in third and Freddie Wilkinson not far behind in fifth.
The book is based on prayers taken from First and Second Samuel and First Chronicles.
The second Samuel Corbett continued his father's business in Smithford Street, having been apprenticed to his own father as a silversmith.
With the second Samuel's death the clocks still didn't stop.
[23] Even when they serve the common good, they pollute their good acts with a proud drive to increase their power and fame (Sermons on Second Samuel, p.
Mistrust "causes wars and quarrels," and when we are consumed by it "we will start fires to which there will be neither end nor measure, and we will not be able to put them out once they have been started" (Sermons on Second Samuel, p.
"it could harass them." They therefore "found occasion to make war without any just foundation" (Sermons on Second Samuel, p.
They invent "lovely excuses" why they should avenge past wrongs, try to control the future excessively, and allow their anxiety to overwhelm them (Sermons on Second Samuel, p.
distrustful and so eager to control their affairs that, although they have no reason for doubt, yet they protect themselves by rationalizing: "Well this could happen, and I would be in such and such a danger." In brief, they always wonder if the sky will fall on their head, then they want to prevent others from doing them evil (Sermons on Second Samuel, p.
Flaxley Wood won his race from 15lb out of the handicap, the second Samuel Wilderspin was supposed to be conceding a stone and was still beaten one and a half lengths at levels.