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SSOESingle Source of Error (inventory control)
SSOESecond Set of Eyes (quality)
SSOESchaefer School of Engineering (Stevens Institute of Technology; Hoboken, NJ)
SSOESamborn, Steketee, Otis & Evans
SSOESchools Standard Operating Environment
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Two bonnet cameras act as a second set of eyes for the driver and identify whether or not objects are pedestrians.
ARTICA is like a second set of eyes to make sure we follow recommendations," added Dr Mazzanti.
Globally, Ring's products have been hailed as dependable second set of eyes and ears to deter would-be thieves from entering homes.
Your outside counsel should watch out for and address issues and opportunities that you are likely to miss, providing a second set of eyes and hands.
Moriarty, who founded Woodbury-based Second Opinion Services, specializing in second opinions, believes patients too rarely seek a second set of eyes, because of cultural and medical factors.
They are hoping a service dog will act as a guardian for Jackson and be a second set of eyes.
As FBI director, I wanted a second set of eyes on the agonising decisions we made during the 2016 election, knowing full well the inspector general's office could draw different conclusions.
These notes and second set of eyes and ears can prevent later disputes about what was said at the meeting.
A smart patient enlists a friend or family member to act as a health care advocate: a supportive, reliable person who serves as a second set of eyes and ears in helping you get the best care.
The next few comments are not to be taken as a criticism of this well-researched study but rather as a second set of eyes that, if given the opportunity, would have chosen to focus on several other areas for investigation.
"Twelve is basically a second set of eyes for 10 and just feeds information to 10 and sees where the space is.
I frequently tell him that he is my second set of eyes and ears.