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The second-year medical student comparison group did not have data at Time 1, so conclusions related to that group compared with the project participant group were limited.
The second-year medical student has already flirted with the big time having trained with Wigan for three years alongside the likes of Lee McCulloch (below) and Gary Teale.
As a second-year medical student I believe without question that pro-life medical students and doctors need to continually fight against abortion.
James Sangster is a second-year medical student at the University of Wales College of Medicine
He explains, "As a second-year medical student I had to work with a family doctor in the community, and I was selected to work with Dr.
Anjali is a second-year medical student at Liverpool University.
It's exam time at the University of British Columbia, but second-year medical student Nicholas Half takes 45 minutes out of his busy schedule to go for a run around the Endowment Land.
Kevin Baran, a second-year medical student at the University of Connecticut, Farmington, was one of four students who stayed awake for 24 hours and underwent a series of tests to show that reaction time degrades as a result of sleep deprivation.
After the war, White returned to McGill, where he published as a second-year medical student his first article (White 1947), which, in retrospect, can be classified as an expose on a field that, nearly 50 years later, has become known as evidence-based medicine (White 1995).
WCM-Q second-year medical student Nasser Binmarzook said: "I think this form of collaborative learning is very beneficial.