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(27.) Unregulated contaminant monitoring regulation: approval of analytical method for Aeromonas; national primary and secondary drinking water regulations: approval of analytical methods for chemical and microbiological contaminants.
EPA develops two types of drinkingwater regulations: (1) National Primary Drinking Water Regulations and (2) National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations. The National Primary Drinking Water Regulations are based on the toxic properties of chemical contaminants, while the National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations (commonly called Secondary Maximum Contaminant Levels, or SMCLs) are based on aesthetic considerations such as taste, odor, and appearance.
Keywords: Playa lakes, primary drinking water regulations, secondary drinking water regulations, urban stormwater runoff
The EPA has also published, as required by the provisions of PL 93-523, "National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations." Those pertain to esthetic qualities of a water - not definitively related to public health and safety - and are indicated as not enforceable by the EPA.
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