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When primary loop flow exceeds secondary loop flow, a bidirectional flow meter in its decoupler piping indicates forward (positive) flow through the decoupler piping.
Similarly, multiple parallel pumps usually are required to handle the broad water flow variation demanded by cooling coils or heating coils in the secondary loop. Practically all parallel pumps have equal size and all operating pumps run at a same speed (ASHRAE 2012).
The diameter of the isoloop antennas, meaning the size of the secondary loop, defines the desired frequency of operation and the type of antenna.
The primary loop included a boiler with a continuous, constant flow pump and a secondary loop with a continuous, constant flow pump.
"A typical secondary loop refrigeration system can reduce a store's total refrigerant charge from about 3,000 pounds to about 500 pounds and reduce the leak rate from 15% to about 2% to 3% when compared to a traditional rack system," he says.
"The secondary loop system is ideal because it not only makes the store more efficient, but also allows us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."
A secondary loop refrigeration system uses glycol as a secondary fluid to cool the supermarket refrigerated spaces that may come in contact with food.
Let [G.sub.v] denote the graph obtained from G by removing a secondary loop e at vertex v.
Investigations have revealed that a section of piping in the secondary loop ruptured due to stress and corrosion, spewing tons of superheated steam.
Each model has contact closure and LEDs to tell the user when the primary or secondary loop is operating.
Replacements for HFC-134a such as HFC-152a and carbon dioxide will be addressed in the technical sessions and workshop, which will include in-depth discussion of electric and secondary loop air-conditioning systems.
Other options include a secondary loop type circulating pump and factory insulation.
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