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SIMSStudent Information Management System
SIMSSecondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
SIMSSchool of Information Management and Systems
SIMSSydney Institute of Marine Science (Australia)
SIMSSecurity Information Management Systems
SIMSSecurity Information Management Solution
SIMSSun Internet Mail Server
SIMSSteacie Institute for Molecular Sciences (National Research Council, Canada)
SIMSSite Improvement through Monitoring Systems (healthcare)
SIMSStock Information Management System
SIMSSchool Information Management System
SIMSSymbiosis Institute of Management Studies (Pune, India)
SIMSShared Information Management Services (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
SIMSStandard Information Management System (CMS)
SIMSScandinavian Conference on Simulation and Modeling
SIMSShuttle Imaging Microwave System (US NASA)
SIMSStructured Inventory of Malingered Symptomatology (forensic psychiatry)
SIMSSeattle Insight Meditation Society (Washington)
SIMSSafety Information Management System
SIMSSchool of Industrial and Manufacturing Science (UK)
SIMSStrategic Information Management System
SIMSService Information Management System
SIMSSingle Interface to Multiple Sources
SIMSSurvey Information Management System (land surveying)
SIMSSocietal Institute of the Mathematical Sciences
SIMSSquadron Information Management System (Microsoft Access database application)
SIMSShuttle Inventory Management System
SIMSSelected Item Management System
SIMSStock Inventory Management System
SIMSSupply Inventory Management System
SIMSSingle Item, Multi Source
SIMSSouth-Loop Inter-Area Microwave System
SIMSStandard Installation Management System
SIMSShip's Information Management System
SIMSStoreroom Inventory Management System (US Department of Homeland Security)
SIMSStill Images Management System (NASA)
SIMSSohar Integrated Management System (Oman project)
SIMSScripps Institutions for Medicine and Science
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Based on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS), this technique can also be used to study entrained bubbles of contaminated gas to identify a likely contamination source.
Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) was used to characterize part failures, dried films of the phosphate bath and lubricants used in the manufacturing plant.
Vickerman, Handbook of Static Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS), Wiley, Chichester, U.K.
These signals are amenable to other imaging mass spectrometry techniques, both ambient and in-vacuum, including secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) where Manchester has world-leading expertise and infrastructure.
The topics include MMM applied on ship ballast tank samples, the molecular characterization of microbial communities associated with accelerated low-water corrosion (ALWC) on European harbor structures, characterizing bacterial communities in suspected prosthetic joint infections, assessing microbial activity and degradation pathways in the environment by measuring naturally occurring stable isotopes in organic compounds, and investigating microorganisms at the single-cell level using Raman microspectroscopy and high-resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry. Distributed in the US by ISBS.
When combined, the techniques of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and secondary ion mass spectrometry can be used to determine the chemical form of the hydrogen in a substance, as well as its abundance and its isotopic composition.
Hauri and team were able to determine these values with new techniques and new standards they developed that can quantify water in apatite using a technology called secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS).
Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) is a specialized form of surface analysis that is used primarily to determine the elemental and chemical structure of solid materials.
Among the topics in this edition are using lipidic advances in imaging secondary ion mass spectrometry for biological samples, electron crystallography as a technique to study the structure of membrane proteins in a lipidic environment, insights from type II diabetes into the interplay of catalysis and toxicity by amyloid intermediates in lipid bilayers, biochemical and structural properties of the integrin-associated cytoskeleton protein talin, bioimage informatics for experimental biology, and determining the structure and dynamics of membrane proteins by magic angle spinning solid-state nuclear magnetic radiation.
Key words: chemical heterogeneity; electron probe microanalysis; glass; laser ablation ICP-MS; microbeam; microscale characterization; secondary ion mass spectrometry.
ASM International NV subsidiary ASM America and Accurel Systems International opened a secondary ion mass spectrometry lab ...
Organic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) is an analytical method of characterizing organic samples on surfaces.
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