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SECSInternational Series in Engineering and Computer Science (academic publishing)
SECSSudanese Environment Conservation Society
SECSSchool of Engineering Computer Science (Independent University; Bangladesh)
SECSSimple European Character Set
SECS(SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) Equipment Communications Standard) Message Language (computing)
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Cornelius possessed two bulbs, and the second was intrusted to the love and care of Rosa.
The question, therefore, was how to wrest the second bulb from the care of Rosa.
Two of the keys entered the lock, and one of them turned round once, but not the second time.
Boxtel covered it with a slight coat of wax, and when he thus renewed the experiment, the obstacle which prevented the key from being turned a second time left its impression on the wax.
The first guilty act of Boxtel had been to climb over a wall in order to dig up the tulip; the second, to introduce himself into the dry-room of Cornelius, through an open window; and the third, to enter Rosa's room by means of a false key.
The second point concerns the relating of our point of view to that which regards sensations as caused by stimuli external to the nervous system (or at least to the brain), and distinguishes images as "centrally excited," i.
Let us further suppose that it exists only for a very brief time, say a second.
Milan Mihaleck put San Jose ahead with 3:46 left with three seconds left in the power play, as he redirected a wrist shot from Marc-Edouard Vlasic from the point to give the Sharks the lead.
ATP-PC/LA System--provides energy for approximately 30 seconds up to about 1 1/2 minutes (e.
With Earth continuing to grow more sluggish, scientists note, leap seconds will have to be introduced more and more frequently.
Perform one set for strength, using a slower tempo (two seconds contraction, four eccentric seconds) and two sets for power with a faster tempo (one second contraction, two eccentric seconds).