SECORDSecure Cord Switchboard (US DoD)
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Mr Secord is undertaking an overseas study tour and a visit to Gibraltar was included in his itinerary.
Secord was involved in Operation Tipped Kettle, a precursor to the Iran-Contra affair that also transferred Palestinian Liberation Organization weapons seized by Israel in Lebanon to the Contras.
The Friends of Laura Secord are planning to create a "living stone hearth monument" near the place where Secord would have emerged from the woods after scrambling up the Niagara Escarpment and was met by a First Nations encampment, said Caroline McCormick, a direct descendent of Secord.
We don't even know how many or what projects we need at this point," said Secord, branch chief for environmental quality at the U.
Come morning July 3, Wafer and Secord remained near their original positions of July 2.
Lead author Ross Secord began geochemical analysis of the horse teeth and other mammals as a postdoctoral researcher with Bloch before joining the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2008.
Following a recent visit to the Kurdistan Region, New South Wales Parliament Member Walt Secord last week called for Australia to develop closer ties.
Examples of heritage trees with stories to tell include the Pelham Comfort Maple, a tree on property granted in 1808 to Major David Secord, Laura Secord's brother-in-law.
Like other leading historians of science, Secord is interested in exploring the past, not in retracing some imaginary path of progress towards the present.
Although environmental conditions may regulate algal complement, Secord and Augustine (2000) presented compelling evidence that latitudinal distribution of ZC and ZX varies between the two Anthopleura species: ZC extend farther south in A.
Secord is affiliated with Duke University Medical Center.
He studied under members of the Group of Seven and then introduced such identifiable company logos as Laura Secord, Air Canada, Bank of Montreal and CTV, and 'professionalized the design industry in Canada'.