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SLOBStructured Large Object
SLOBSame Lingual, Opposite Buccal (dental radiography)
SLOBSilly Little Oracle Benchmark
SLOBSeparate Line of Business (rules for testing retirement plans)
SLOBSecret Language of Birds (Ian Anderson music album)
SLOBSlow Ball (cricket ball delivery)
SLOBSupport Locally Owned Businesses (San Diego, CA)
SLOBSecured Lease Obligation Bond
SLOBSwitch with Large Optical Buffers (optical networking)
SLOBSlow Optical Buffer
SLOBStructured Large Object (programming)
SLOBSuperio-Lateral Outcropping Bonegraft
SLOBSlow Moving or Obsolete Stock/Inventory
SLOBSegments Left On Base
SLOBSuper Lazy Organic Blogging (System)
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This cryptic text acts as the inspiration for Kiefer's own hermetic works, which abound in mysteries of their own, referencing, amongst others, Paracelsus, the seeker of hidden knowledge, the secret mystic order of Rosicrucianism, the Golem, the notoriously cruel Roman Emperor Heliogabalus who instituted the mystical cult of the sun god, as dramatised by Antonin Artaud, the chariot of Ezekiel, 'The Great Work' otherwise known as the search for the philosopher's stone, the Norse God Thor, the secret language of birds, and of course Tempelhof itself.
The first, The Secret Language of Birds, launched Adele into a new career and led directly to the commissioning of her recent release, The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols - The Ultimate A-ZGuide from Alchemy to the Zodiac.
It's a novel thought in an intriguing book packed with Welsh and Celtic folklore called The Secret Language Of Birds, by Pen y Fan author Adele Nozedar.
The Secret Language of Birds - A Treasury Of Myths, Folklore And Inspirational True Stories, by Adele Nozedar, is published by HarperElement (pounds 16.
JETHRO TULL front-man Ian Anderson returns to his pastoral roots for third solo album The Secret Language Of Birds.