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S OF ESecretary of Energy (usually seen as SOE)
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Recommendation: To improve LANL's information security program for its unclassified network, the Secretary of Energy and the Administrator of NNSA should require the Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory to strengthen policies with a view toward further reducing, as appropriate, foreign nationals'--particularly those from countries identified by DOE as sensitive--access to the unclassified network.
The Act specifies that the Secretary of Energy should ensure that "communication of scientific results and methods between the fusion energy sciences community and the broader scientific communities is improved." It says that "to the extent practicable, the recommendations of the Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee in the report on workforce planning, dated March 2004 (should be) carried out, including periodic reassessment of program needs."
Recommendation: So that DOE can better manage its major cleanup projects and more fully inform Congress on the status of these projects, the Secretary of Energy should direct the Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management to expand the content of EM performance reports to describe the implications of current performance for the project's overall life cycle baseline, including the near-term baseline cost and out-year cost estimate, using, when appropriate, valid earned value data that conform to industry standards and GAO-identified best practices.
However, the report also addresses fusion, saying "The NEPD Group recommends that the President direct the Secretary of Energy to develop next generation technology--including hydrogen and fusion." The Group also recommended that the Secretary of Energy be directed to "develop an education campaign that communicates the benefits of alternative forms of energy, including hydrogen and fusion."
President Bush has nominated Robert Gordon Card, 48, to be Under Secretary of Energy. In that position, he will have line management responsibility over the U.S.
Environment and national security issues are likely to be the two keys to political and public acceptance of fusion energy systems in the future, a Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB) task force concluded recently.
The conferees "are pleased with the highly supportive recent report on fusion energy science from the Secretary of Energy's Advisory Board and with the comprehensive scientific plan developed by the Fusion Energy Sciences Advisory Committee (FESAC)," the report noted.
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