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SSEAStage-Specific Embryonic Antigen
SSEASociety for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities
SSEASecretary of State for External Affairs (Canada)
SSEAStanford Summer Engineering Academy (Stanford University; Stanford, CA; est. 1998)
SSEASweet Sorghum Ethanol Association (global organization)
SSEASimple Single Engine Aircraft
SSEASocial Sciences Employees Association (Canada)
SSEASociété Suisse des Études Africaines (French)
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"There " On April 26, 1949, the heads of government from Australia, Britain, Ceylon, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa plus Canada's Secretary of State for External Affairs signed the London Declaration.
He took the history of central Canada seriously, and his 1968 poem "Civil Elegies" lamented "the deft emasculation of a country by the Liberal party of Canada." He excoriates Paul Martin Sr., who had been named secretary of state for External Affairs by Lester Pearson.
Laurent to become secretary of state for External Affairs.
She served as secretary of state for external affairs in the government of Brian Mulroney.
Mrs McDougall has held several senior ministerial posts in the federal government, including Secretary of State for External Affairs, Minister of Employment and Immigration, and Minister of State for Finance.
Secretary of State for External Affairs Joe Clark approved a $7.5 million loan for a Nicaraguan water project as one of his first acts, and in May 1985 an additional $11.2 million in credits and loans were extended for a joint French-Italian-Canadian geothermal project at Nicaragua's Momotombo volcano, under the auspices of the Inter-American Development Bank.
Of particular interest are the Canadian Cabinet discussion minutes and documents from the Secretary of State for External Affairs (SSEA).
The appointment in 1966 of Maurice Strong, an independent and strongwilled humanitarian with no experience as a civil servant, as head of EAO, and the subsequent creation of CIDA in 1968 along lines recommended and fought for by Strong, signalled Prime Minister Lester Pearson's determination, and that of Paul Martin, the secretary of state for external affairs, that development assistance to the less developed countries (LDCs) was to become much more important.
In Saskatoon, the former secretary of state for external affairs, Barbara McDougall, addressed an issue which is increasingly relevant and difficult to handle - `Trade policy and national values: always at odds?' - while in Regina, Anne Marie Doyle, a former Canadian commissioner to Hong Kong and ambassador to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, spoke on China's impact on world energy markets.
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