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SCPSecure Copy (from the SSH suite of computer applications for secure communication)
SCPSporting Clube de Portugal
SCPSociaal en Cultureel Planbureau
SCPSecurity Certified Program
SCPSenior Certified Professional (various organizations)
SCPService Control Point
SCPSprint Cell Phone
SCPShort-Circuit Protection (photoeye products)
SCPSecure Copy Protocol (Cisco)
SCPSustainable Consumption and Production
SCPSolar Cell Panel (energy)
SCPSupply Chain Planning
SCPSun Certified Professional
SCPSociety of Chiropodists and Podiatrists
SCPStructured Cable Products (various locations)
SCPStellar Consensus Protocol
SCPService Class Provider (DICOM terminology)
SCPSouth Central Pool (various locations)
SCPSkin Cancer Prevention
SCPSanta Catarina Pinula (Guatemalan municipality)
SCPSwitch Module Configuration Protocol
SCPSecure Content Provider
SCPSource Code Page
SCPSimple Control Protocol
SCPSub Carrier Phase
SCPService Capability and Performance
SCPSingle Core Processor
SCPSeattle Computer Products
SCPStreaming Clock Proxy
SCPService and Console Process
SCPShort Circuit Protection
SCPSerial Control Protocol
SCPService Control Program
SCPSecure Copy Protocol
SCPScript File
SCPSystem Control Process
SCPSci Prescaler
SCPSystem Compliance Profiler
SCPSenior Companion Program
SCPSecure, Contain and Protect (online gaming)
SCPSociété Canadienne de Pédiatrie (Canadian Paediatric Society)
SCPScience of Computer Programming
SCPSchool Crossing Patrol (UK)
SCPSingle-Cell Protein
SCPSystem Control Panel
SCPSpastic Cerebral Palsy
SCPSociété Canadienne de Psychologie (Canadian Psychological Association)
SCPScience in China Press (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
SCPSwiss Cultural Programme
SCPSpiritual Counterfeits Project
SCPScientific Committee on Plants
SCPStanding Committee on the Law of Patents
SCPSelf-Correction Program (IRS)
SCPSun Certified Programmer
SCPSource Code Project (FreeSpace 2; open source)
SCPSpecial Component Plan (India)
SCPSouth Caucasus Pipeline
SCPScup (FAO fish species code)
SCPShared Care Plan (healthcare)
SCPSociety for Consumer Psychology
SCPSupernova Cosmology Project
SCPSession Control Protocol
SCPSystem Control Program
SCPSide Collision Prevention (automotive)
SCPStructure Conduct Performance (method of analysing an industry microeconomics)
SCPSpecial Consultative Procedure (New Zealand)
SCPSociety of Christian Philosophers
SCPSnap Crackle Pop (band)
SCPSnap Crackle Pop
SCPSouthern Clay Products (various locations)
SCPSecurity Control Point
SCPSecurity Cooperation Program (Microsoft)
SCPSingle Chip Package
SCPSimple Control Protocol (home networking protocol)
SCPSafety Certification Program (various organizations)
SCPSustainable City Plan (Santa Monica)
SCPStability and Convergence Programme (various nations)
SCPSunnyvale Community Players (Sunnyvale, CA)
SCPSouthern California Program (Wildlife Health Center; University of California, Davis)
SCPSchool Community Partners
SCPSustainable Communities Program (various organizations)
SCPSlow Cortical Potential
SCPSniffer Certified Professional
SCPService Contract Provider
SCPScript Configuration Program (computing)
SCPSyrian Communist Party
SCPSafety Camera Partnership (UK road safety)
SCPSenior Clinical Psychologist
SCPSubstitute Care Provider (legal designation)
SCPSave Cursor Position
SCPSocial Credit Party (Canada)
SCPSmall Computer Program
SCPSupport Center Practices Certification (Software Support Professionals Association)
SCPSummer Career Placement
SCPSaturation Church Planting
SCPSociety of Correctional Physicians
SCPStandard Communication Protocol
SCPSwitch Control Processor
SCPSpill Contingency Plan
SCPSingle Capital Pot (UK)
SCPSurety Company of the Pacific (Encino, CA)
SCPSystem Compliance Profiler (software)
SCPShah Capital Partners (Santa Clara, CA)
SCPSocial Cohesion Programme (UN)
SCPSubsystem Control Port
SCPSenior Citizens Party
SCPSupercooling Point
SCPSpacecraft Control Processor
SCPStop Child Predators (Washington, DC)
SCPSerial Control Protocol (Cisco)
SCPSimulated Comic Product (webcomic)
SCPSignaling Control Point
SCPSmoking Cessation Product
SCPSimulation Control Plan
SCPSponsor Capability Plan (US Navy process supporting US DoD Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution)
SCPSchool for Command Preparation
SCPSite Characterization Plan
SCPStock Car Product
SCPStandards Completion Program
SCPStredisko Cenných Papierov
SCPStudent Connection Program (Canada)
SCPSoftware Configurable Processor
SCPSmart Communities Program (Canada)
SCPSurvey Control Point
SCPSouth Carolina Philharmonic (Columbia, South Carolina)
SCPSecure Communications Processor
SCPSociété Canadienne de Phytopathologie
SCPSatellite Cloud Product
SCPShip's Control Panel (US Navy)
SCPSoftware Change Package
SCPSociété Canadienne de Psychanalyse (Canadian Psychoanalytic Society)
SCPScottish Christian Party (UK)
SCPService Cost Position
SCPService Control Protocol
SCPSierra Club Productions
SCPSpecialty Care Provider
SCPService Capability & Performance Standards
SCPSafe Communities Project (various organizations)
SCPSo Com Penaltis (Portuguese: So with Penalty)
SCPSystem Control Point
SCPSwitch-Module Configuration Protocol (Cisco)
SCPStrongly Coupled Plasma
SCPSecondary Control Point
SCPSecure Conferencing Project
SCPSelf-Consistent Phonon (quantum mechanics approximation)
SCPSystem Change Proposal
SCPStored Command Processor
SCPSalary Continuation Plan
SCPStrategic Computing Program
SCPSociety for Coaching Psychology (est. 2008)
SCPSales Compensation Plan
SCPSystems Control Panel
SCPSalon Creative Pro (hair care)
SCPSystem Control Protocol (Cisco)
SCPSource Control Program
SCPSpherical Candlepower
SCPSlow Children Playing
SCPSupport Center Pacific
SCPSingle Card Processor
SCPSpecial Command Position
SCPShipping Control Point
SCPSquadron Command Post
SCPSequential Linear Programming
SCPStrike Contingency Plan
SCPSupplier Change Proposal
SCPSignal Control Processor (8xx/SS7 translations)
SCPStudy Cost Proposal
SCPStandard Critical-Point
SCPSystems Change Package
SCPSecurity Control Processor
SCPSail Construction Platform
SCPSilica Cloth Phenol
SCPSecurity Cooperation Participation (JSF)
SCPSubnet Communications Processor
SCPSystems Control Program
SCPSatellite Cloud Project
SCPStandards and Criteria Program (USACE)
SCPSecurity Classification Procedure
SCPStrategic Concepts and Plans (Sprint)
SCPSwindon Communication Project
SCPSupporting Collaborative Process
SCPSpecial Containment Procedure (science fiction)
SCPSutton Core Process (airframe materials fabrication)
SCPStandard Change Package
SCPSimulation Control Program
SCPSchool Council President (Australia)
SCPSingle-Component Plasma
SCPStandards Compliance Plan
SCPSwiss Cheese Plant
SCPSecurity Control Protocol (Cisco)
SCPSystem Concept/Coordinating Paper
SCPSimplecode Productions
SCPSynchronous Communication Port
SCPSustainment Curriculum Portfolio (US Air Force)
SCPStandard Command Post
SCPStructured Control Program
SCPSoftware/System Change Proposal
SCPSubmarine Communication Program
SCPService Control Planning
SCPSumitomo Chemical Philippines
SCPSplitter Circuit Pack (Ciena)
SCPSignaling Compressor and Packetizer (AT&T)
SCPScheduled Change Proposal
SCPSecure Collaboration Platform (CYA Technologies)
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The web-based secure collaboration platform enables Wintersteiger, a global market leader, to significantly improve process efficiency as well as the transparency of its information flows.
Today, Compuware Covisint is a global leader in providing a common, secure collaboration platform that connects and integrates processes, systems and information flows for more than 30,000 companies world-wide.
Novell (Nasdaq:NOVL) has announced the availability of the most trusted and secure collaboration platform in the industry running entirely on Linux: Novell GroupWise 6.
com)-- The international Desertec Industrial Initiative (Dii) has selected Brainloop's web-based data room and is using it as a secure collaboration platform (http://www.
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