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SCRIScottish Crop Research Institute (formerly Scottish Horticultural Research Institute, United Kingdom)
SCRISpecialty Crop Research Initiative (USDA)
SCRISupercomputer Computations Research Institute
SCRISun Coast Resources, Inc. (Houston, TX)
SCRISustainable Cities Research Institute (Northumbria University; UK)
SCRISecure Configuration Remediation Initiative
SCRISteel Can Recycling Institute
SCRISagami Chemical Research Center (Kanagawa, Japan)
SCRISecure Compliance Remediation Initiative (US DoD, Defense Information Systems Agency)
SCRISugar Crops Research Institute
SCRISpecialty Crops Regulatory Initiative
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0 will be designed to support fielding of DMS Proxy and information assurance tools such as Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP), Secure Configuration Compliance Validation Initiative (SSCVI), and Secure Compliance Remediation Initiative (SCRI).
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