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SWSSleeping with Sirens (band)
SWSSlow Wave Sleep
SWSSkyward Sword (Legend of Zelda)
SWSShear Wave Splitting
SWSSociologists for Women in Society (Kingston, RI)
SWSSafety Warning System
SWSSturge-Weber Syndrome (birthmark)
SWSStan Winston Studio (film)
SWSShort Wavelength Spectrometer
SWSSumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. (Japan)
SWSSingle Wire System
SWSSun Workshop
SWSSubwoofer System
SWSSymantec Web Security
SWSSwitch Workstation
SWSSimple Web Server
SWSSmart Widgets File
SWSSwitched Signaling
SWSSonet Wan Switch
SWSSemantic Web Services
SWSSoftware Support
SWSSecure Website
SWSSouthern Wine and Spirits (Florida)
SWSStadtwerke Speyer GmbH (Germany)
SWSState Weather Summary
SWSSniper Weapon System (US Army)
SWSSustainable West Seattle (forum)
SWSSocial Weather Station
SWSSilly Window Syndrome (RFC 813)
SWSSpace Warning Squadron
SWSSocial Work Services (US Army)
SWSStudent Web Service
SWSSchool of World Studies (Virginia Commonwealth University)
SWSSafe Water System
SWSSecure Work Space (software)
SWSSeann William Scott (actor)
SWSSocial Work Society
SWSSummer Works Scheme (Ireland)
SWSSentient World Simulation
SWSSour Water Stripper (petrochemical)
SWSScottish Water Solutions (UK)
SWSSalt Water Sportsman (magazine)
SWSStrategic Weapons System
SWSSouthern Watercolor Society (Dallas, TX)
SWSSoftware Specification
SWSSevere Weather Statement
SWSSun Web Server
SWSSlow Wave Structure
SWSStuve-Wiedemann Syndrome
SWSSouthern Women's Show
SWSSpecial Workplace Statistics (UK)
SWSSolid Waste Section
SWSSex without Strings
SWSScientific Workstation
SWSSacramento Waldorf School (Fair Oaks, CA)
SWSService Water System
SWSSoil and Water Sciences
SWSSupplemental Work Support (New Jersey)
SWSSearch Web Service
SWSSemantic Web School
SWSSmokin' with Superman (band)
SWSSaturn Workshop
SWSSuper World of Sports (wrestling circuit; Japan)
SWSSouth Waziristan Scouts (Pakistan)
SWSStandard Workstation
SWSSour Water System
SWSSliding-Window System
SWSSub-Woofer System
SWSSecurity Web Service
SWSSalt Water System
SWSSun Water Systems, Inc (Fort Worth, TX)
SWSSneaky Weasel Studios (website)
SWSSONET WAN Switch (Cisco)
SWSSingle Wound Sheet (plastics industry)
SWSSubmarine Warfare System
SWSStrategic Warning Staff
SWSSolar Wind Scintillation
SWSSmall Window Syndrome (wireless communications)
SWSSliding Window Switch
SWSSour Water Service
SWSSurface Warfare Supervisor (US Navy)
SWSStandard Work Second
SWSSaltwater Sailing
SWSSurface-Wave Suppression
SWSSubmarine Weapons System
SWSSmart Workstation
SWSSpecial Weapons System
SWSStrafford Wind Symphony (Rochester, NH)
SWSSociety for Wilderness Stewardship
SWSStormwind Stockades (gaming, World of Warcraft)
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"Our systems are working as they should and the information was shared today via a passwordprotected, secure website. "Boards do ask schools not to share this widely to avoid unnecessary stress for students awaiting their results.
Data is sent to a secure website via the Verizon cellular network.
In practice, some travellers additionally pay extra fees of US$60 or more if they - often mistakenly - apply for their ESTA via private websites offering to "assist" them, instead of via the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency's secure website. The European Commission has objected to the ESTA fee but Washington seems intent on keeping it.
For federal agencies, FOIA-online provides a secure website to receive and store requests, assign and process requests, post responses, generate metrics, manage records electronically, create management reports, and electronically generate the annual report the FOIA requires from each agency.
Machine operating information such as operating hours, fuel consumption, location, cautions and maintenance alerts are wirelessly relayed to a secure website for analysis, Furthermore, the WA470-7 has a newly designed Komatsu Large Capacity Torque Converter with Lock-Up as a standard feature.
As security is the primary concern for internet banking users, al khaliji went to extraordinary lengths to ensure a highly secure website, consulting with experts in the field of Internet security, and including some of the most modern and innovative security features in al khaliji Internet banking.
The recipient is directed to a secure website to claim the payment online, it said.
The questionnaire was available to all readers through a secure website, then they were tabulated by Global Market Institute Inc.
If a printer has a spectrophotometer, they can upload the color data obtained through the readings to a secure website for their color formula, or a sample can be mailed to the nearest local Sun Chemical location.
An independent inquiry has launched a secure website and e-mail address where members of the public can share evidence and information related to Bahrain's unrest.
MANAMA: An independent inquiry has launched a secure website and e-mail address where members of the public can share evidence and information related to Bahrain's unrest, reports SANDEEP SINGH GREWAL.
The unit is equipped with the latest KOMTRAX technology, which sends machine operating information to a secure website utilizing wireless technology.
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