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SWLANSecure Wireless Lan
SWLANSecure Wireless Local Area Network
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4ipnet has been broadening its WLAN security and access control solutions, offering a set of Secure Wireless LAN Controllers for public wireless networks of all scales.
Makes it easy to deploy and operate a secure wireless LAN environment
The company said that this new capability enables US Department of Defense (DoD) and other Federal users to employ secure wireless LAN systems using FIPS 140-2 validated IEEE 802.11i technology.
The project includes turning entire aircraft maintenance ramps and hangars into secure wireless LAN "hotspots" powered by solar energy sources at bases where power is a scarce or non-existent resource.
The NSA E7500 also includes virtual private network (VPN) implementations and deployment flexibility, four high-speed gigabit Ethernet copper interfaces and four high-speed configurable SFP (small form-factor pluggable) ports, and built-in secure wireless LAN functionality, making the appliance an ideal solution for wired and wireless applications requiring high-speed access and heavy workgroup segmentation.
"Our handsets require a robust, secure wireless LAN solution," said Geri Mitchell-Brown, Polycom's director of technical business development.
With 10 configurable Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and built-in secure wireless LAN functionality, the PRO 4100 provides trusted network protection across all Ethernet ports, virtual LANs and connected wireless LANs to eliminate threats originating inside corporate networks, between networked departments or data center zones.
In addition, the EMP-765 supports fast and secure wireless LAN transmission, providing connection speeds of up to 54MB/s and supporting the latest WEP, WPA and LEAP security protocols.
Colubris Networks announced recently that i-Hotel International, a Montreal, Canada-based organization, has deployed Colubris' secure wireless LAN (WLAN) products to provide guest Internet access in hotel lobbies, meeting rooms, restaurants, golf courses and other sites for over 7,500 hotel rooms across 70 properties in Canada.
AEGIS offers both client (supplicant) and server (authenticator) software that ensures secure wireless LAN access and industry-standard authentication methods.
"By partnering with Convergia, a global provider of Next-Generation IP networks, we strengthen our position in Latin America allowing us to focus on continued development of our leading edge secure wireless LAN solutions."
According to the company, the SonicWALL secure wireless solution integrates SonicPoint 802.11a/b/g wireless access points with firewall/VPN gateways to provide secure wireless LAN connectivity to users on the network.