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SCPTSplinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow (game)
SCPTSeismic Cone Penetration Test (geotechnical)
SCPTSecurity Control Point
SCPTSensing-Coverage Phase Transition (computer engineering)
SCPTStandard Configuration Property Types
SCPTSteer Clear Performance Test
SCPTSub-capacity Planning Tool (IBM Software)
SCPTSoftware Certification Process Team
SCPTSpecial Coated Polyester Taffeta (material that used in inflatible balloons)
SCPTSchizophrenia, Chronic Paranoid Type
SCPTSurrey Churches Preservation Trust (UK)
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VAR of the lawyers passing from police security control point
Earlier, the police said it set up security control points precisely to keep out opportunists, criminals and unwanted personalities and make sure that only legitimate INC members and supporters were joining the activity.
Several security and legal measures were taken as troops were deployed, security control points were activated and traffic movement was arranged in some areas to ensure the safety of the citizens and residents, Al Hassan added.
We set up security control points to watch out for opportunists who might take advantage of the situation.
Verzosa also said the PNP has installed security control points along major entry points into the national capital region.
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