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A masked man entered the store and demanded cash from staff, then punched a cash security driver who had entered the store.
A panicked Group Four Security driver fled in his van after crashing into a bollard in Paisley.
A SECURITY driver was knocked to the ground and robbed outside a Post Office in Handworth.
A SECURITY driver who had battled life-threatening sepsis and suffered from kidney and liver disorder killed himself, an inquest heard.
A MANCHESTER man is wanted after a security driver was stabbed and robbed at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
"Ali has rightly been handed a long prison term, although he didn't use the hammer in anger, he threatened violence against the security driver and left him fearing the threats would be carried out.
The attack happened on Tuesday, December 9, when the robbers, who were armed, approached the security driver outside Greggs at Binswood Avenue in Blakelaw, Newcastle at 11.30am.
The Authority, he said, had successfully implemented the Multi-Biometric National Identity Card and Multi-Biometric e-Passport solutions for Pakistan, Passport Issuing System for Kenya, Bangladesh High Security Driver's License, and Civil Registration Management System for Sudan amongst other projects.
Button's security was tightened up after his security driver had to ram his way through stationary traffic to escape an armed gang closing in on the car on the road from the circuit two years ago, it concluded.
"Lets take the position of a security driver and a chauffer," said West.
"It's very hard to survive on benefits and it restricts you in choices you make," said the former security driver, who used to earn pounds 21,000 a year.
A SECURITY driver who stole pounds 3million from his own van was snared after he tried to skip paying for a pounds 5 rail ticket.
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