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SHUSeton Hall University (South Orange, New Jersey, USA; founded in 1856)
SHUSheffield Hallam University (UK)
SHUSacred Heart University (Fairfield, CT, USA)
SHUShanghai University
SHUSiena Heights University (Adrian, MI)
SHUSyndrome Hémolytique et Urémique (French: Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome)
SHUSeton Hill University (Greensburg, Pennsylvania)
SHUShared User
SHUSpecial Housing Unit (prison)
SHUSecurity Housing Unit (prison)
SHUSchool Health Unit (various schools)
SHUScoville Heat Unit
SHUSegregated Housing Unit (prison)
SHUSelective Hydrogenation Unit
SHUSolitary Housing Unit
SHUShips Head Up (type of marine radar display)
SHUSplit-Horison Updates
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As Reiter's book points out, Pelican Bay State Prison and its security housing unit forces readers to revisit these silences and forgettings as well as to question the nature of state power and humanity.
But BuCor director Cruz in a letter dated April 4, 2016 denied Sebastian's request to be transferred from the Building 14 to the Maximum Security Compound, citing the 'directive to place inmate Sebastian at the SHU (Security Housing Unit) from former Justice Secretary Leila De Lima, the department to which this Bureau is under.'
Corrections officials say nearly 3,600 inmates, or 3 percent of the state's prison population, are held in security housing units, most of them for ties to gangs, others for committing crimes while in prison.
Corcoran was conceived in the eighties as a model of "absolute control." Its heart is the Security Housing Unit, holding l,500 of those deemed the most dangerous of the state's metastasizing prison population.
imprisonment is the increasing use by both state and federal corrections institutions of isolation in security housing units as a means of punishment.
Most notably, of the 513 prisoners I describe in 23/7--who had been locked in isolation in the Pelican Bay Security Housing Unit for 10 or more years as of 2011 (the class of prisoners who were certified in the Ashker v.
(Security Housing Unit, Pelican Bay State Prison, California)
He had locked down the security housing unit at Corcoran, after correctional officers had fired wooden bullets from gas guns 63 times to break up fights at Corcoran's yards in less than a 30-day period.
Initially, the program unit consisted of 32 beds in a new maximum security housing unit. More recently, it expanded to an entire housing unit consisting of four pods, each with 32 beds.
Contract award notice: getting security housing units 5a 4 rue de la gare 52190 prauthoy.
In Security Housing Units, prisoners' mental health problems alarmed delegates.
I am a formerly incarcerated person who spent eight years in solitary confinement, including in both Corcoran and Pelican Bay State Prison security housing units, or SHUs.
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