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SECMODSecurity Module
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Based on a complete teardown analysis of the server, this report provides the detailed bill-of-material (BOM), the manufacturing cost of the server, optical module and security module and then estimates a final manufacturer price.
Engage Black unveils the integration of the Red Hat Certificate System 9.4 within the BlackVault Hardware Security Module (HSM).
Sample Report Access Source After a period of stasis, hardware security module has become more indispensable and relevant.
Entrust Datacard, a provider of trusted identity and secure issuance technology solutions, has completed its previously announced acquisition of nCipher Security, formerly Thales's market-leading general purpose hardware security module (HSM) business, the company said.
Summary: Entrust Datacard has announced the completion of its previously-announced acquisition of nCipher Security, formerly Thales's general purpose hardware security module (HSM) business.
10 June 2019 - Minnesota, US-based identity and secure issuance technology solutions Entrust Datacard has completed its acquisition of Florida and UK-based general purpose hardware security module (HSM) business nCipher Security, the company said.
Contract notice: issuance of electronic health professional id cards and security module card type b by qvda
UK-based MYHSM has said that it is to offer a dedicated payments hardware security module (HSM) hosted service using Thales payShield HSMs.
Suited both for the individual and enterprise user, the software accepts a digital signature input from any brand of USB crypto token device or any hardware security module storing multiple signatures.
The offer includes the PowerHouz App which adds key functionalities like the Security module or the communication functions to provide security and a complete home dashboard solution based of the HomeKit Protocol.
have successfully run quantum-safe hash, lattice and multivariate-based digital signature algorithms for a Hardware Security Module (HSM) in initial laboratory testing.
The module, by LG Innotek, is a product that integrates the three varieties of V2X core components, namely the HCI module and Hardware Security Module for controlling the communication protocol and the Application Processor into one product.
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