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SEDRASlot-Excited Dielectric Resonator Antenna
SEDRASoutheastern Distance Riders Association, Inc.
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As the programme manager of SEDRA Foundation Renate helped 300 people of determination this year to take part as volunteers for the Special Olympic World Games.
However, the effect of amino acids on the nutritional values of some vegetable crops were studied and its data are in good accordance with that obtained herein, Abo Sedra et al.
Special Olympics and Sedra will be bringing children to join in the community race.
The high number of schools that have confirmed they will attend the competition with their students, follows a long-running collaboration between ACTVET and the UAE's main education entities - the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), the Knowledge and Human Development Agency (KHDA), the Ministry of Education (MoE) - as well as two organisations supporting people of determination - the Zayed Higher Organization (ZHO) and SEDRA Foundation.
(1.) Indeed, the academic and grey literature on security issues and peacebuilding in Afghanistan is almost endless (to quote just a few: Giustozzi, 2007; Goodhand and Sedra, 2010; Hakimi, 2013; Lyall, 2010; Rubin, 2005; Sedra, 2006; Suhrke, 2011; Wimmer and Schetter, 2003).
Sedra, (1,4) Larbi El Firdoussi, (3) and Hassan Bihi Lazrek (1)
The hotel is owned by Al Sedra Real Estate of Oman, a subsidiary of the Golden Group of Companies.
Goodhand and Sedra, rightly express fears about the danger of state collapsing in the face of external budgetary support to the Security Sector Reforms declining after foreign state builders exit.
In spite of these notable accomplishments, McNerney notes that "PRTs always have been a bit of a muddle," plagued by "inconsistent mission statements, unclear roles and responsibilities, ad hoc preparation, and most important, limited resources [that] have confused local partners and prevented PRTs from having a greater effect." (59) These sentiments are echoed by Mark Sedra, who adds that the strict and frequent turnover of PRT personnel rendered achieving unity of effort difficult, (60) and by Touko Piiparinen, the lead political advisor to PRT Meymaneh in 2006, who notes that a complete lack of standardization in PRT structure often set the conditions for constant change within the PRT decisionmaking process.
I'm currently [examining] the work of a collective of scientists founded in 1993, called Groupe SEDRA, ...
Dado que el amplificador se puede usar en aplicaciones realimentadas negativamente, es preciso garantizar que sea estable, para lo que se agrega [C.sub.c], que es una red de compensacion que reduce la ganancia en altas frecuencias, separa los dos polos originales del amplificador gracias al efecto multiplicador Miller y aproxima el sistema a uno de primer orden con polo dominante (Sedra & Smith, 2004).