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SEDRISSynthetic Environment Data Representation & Interchange Specification
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These dense urban environments are much more complex than the battle spaces both the SEDRIS and SAF communities were used to working with.
DiSTI(R) courses cover a wide range of simulation topics including the High Level Architecture, Distributed Interactive Simulation, SEDRIS and several commercial simulation products developed by MAK Technologies and Motorola.
1 for Windows is the MultiGen SEDRIS Exporter that takes OpenFlight(TM) files generated from MultiGen Creator and converts them via a user-directed procedural interface to the SEDRIS Transmittal File (.
After working with this latest version, I consider it a very useful and needed tool for the export of OpenFlight data to SEDRIS.
AcuSoft's core competencies include Advanced Distributed Interactive Simulation systems, scenario design tools, after action review systems, real-time visual systems, terrain and model database development, and SEDRIS database conversion and validation.
I'm looking forward to helping MultiGen-Paradigm shape the future for data interoperability by collaborating with SEDRIS and other key industry groups," said Reed Whittington, principal software engineer, Interoperability Solutions, MultiGen-Paradigm, Inc.
Prior to joining MPI, Whittington spent four years working in various areas of interoperability including working with the SEDRIS initiative to advance standards for interoperability of shared synthetic environments.
MultiGen-Paradigm will develop bi-directional mappings for the JSF database to their representation in SEDRIS Transmittal Format (STF) and vice versa.