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Table 1 presents the risk prices associated with the factors estimated with the iterated nonlinear seemingly unrelated regression technique.
One can develop a version of the seemingly unrelated regression model for Poisson variates, as in King (1989).
Given that disturbances across a given firm are likely to be correlated, Zeliner's (1962) seemingly unrelated regression method is an appropriate estimation procedure.
Given the sequential nature of decision-making process, Zellner's Seemingly Unrelated Regression technique is used to estimate the supply response model which consists of four blocks of equations for fixed inputs, choice of technique, area share equations, and yield and input demand functions for labour and fertiliser.
Table 4 Parameter Estimates for Yield, Fertriliser Demand and Hired Labour Demand System for Wheat, Rice and Maize, Estimated Using Zellner's GLS Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR) with Correction for Heteroskedasticity Wheat Dep- Vari Exog- Yield Fertiliser Labour Vari Kg/Ha Kg/Ha Day/Ha [([P.sub.f]/[P.sub.c]).
To estimate the parameters of the Translog Production Function, we apply Iterative Seemingly Unrelated Regression (henceforth ISURE) technique.
(1963) Estimators for Seemingly Unrelated Regression Equation: Some Exact Finite Sample Results.
The seemingly unrelated regression (SUR) method, also known as the multivariate regression, of Zellner's method, estimates the parameters of the system, accounting for heteroskedasticity and contemporaneous correlation in the errors across equations.
Then we used Pooled Estimation of Seemingly Unrelated Regression (SUR) approach described in Agosin and Mayer (2000).
Our sample includes 69 countries; all variables are averaged over two decades: 1970-1979 and 1980-1989; Our methodology is similar to BDL (1998), employing the seemingly unrelated regression (SUR) technique.