SEEQStudent Evaluation of Educational Quality
SEEQScale of Essential Elements Questionnaire (Therapeutic Community)
SEEQStimulant Effect Expectancy Questionnaire (psychology)
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El cuestionario utilizado se basa en el SEEQ (Marsh, 1991), version adaptada a la ensenanza superior portuguesa por Morais, Almeida y Montenegro (2006).
Each patient completed OSDI and SEEQ questionnaires for the assessment of dry eye symptoms and, on that basis, the patientswere further divided by the median of SEEQ, in accordance with the symptoms, into twogroups: the severe symptom group and the mild symptom group.
Automatically activated when applied to the skin, the SEEQ MCT System includes a wearable sensor that monitors the heart continuously for up to 30 days.
4) El cuestionario SEEQ (Students Evaluation of Educational Quality) de Marsh (1982, 1987) evalua una serie de dimensiones relacionadas con la competencia docente: aprendizaje-valor, interaccion con el grupo, rapport individual, examenes-calificaciones, carga de trabajo-dificultad, organizacion-claridad, entusiasmo, amplitud de enfoque y trabajo extraclase-lecturas.
Feldman (1978) conducted an extensive review and found results consistent with Marsh's on the SEEQ.
Previously served as chairman, president, and CEO of SEEQ Technology.
When Huron was launched, some 80% of IT software budgets went on development, prompting a group of companies, such Seeq, HPS, Seer, Forte and Dynasty, to enter the market with products only a little less wonderful than Huron.
The SEEQ was completed by all students on the last class session prior to the final examination.
The reliability of certain student questionnaires has been tested; for example, Marsh (1987) established an acceptable level of reliability for his instrument named SEEQ (Student Evaluation of Educational Quality).
LSI Logic agreed to acquire Fremont, California-based Seeq Technology, the data communications chip company, for $100m in stock.
does is "absolutely calculated" to raise Cypress' profile, says Dan McCranie, Cypress' vice president of sales and marketing, who was CEO of $40 million Seeq Technology before Rodgers lured him away 15 months ago.