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SGStargate (TV show)
SGShooting Guard (basketball)
SGSupport Group
SGSports Guy (Bill Simmons column; ESPN)
SGStudy Groups
SGStudent Government
SGStudy Guide
SGSpecific Gravity
SGSecurity Guard
SGStill Going (gaming clan)
SGSeagate (Scotts Valley, CA)
SGSociété Générale (French Corporate, Investment and Retail Bank)
SGSounds Good
SGSpecial Guest
SGSexy Ginger
SGSay Goodbye
SGServicios Generales (Spanish: General Services)
SGSea Grant
SGSight Glass
SGSehr Gut (German: Very Good)
SGSouthern Gospel
SGSurgeon General
SGStevenage (postcode, United Kingdom)
SGSpice Girls (gaming clan)
SGSpice Girls (band)
SGSega Genesis
SGSeth Green (actor)
SGSuicidegirls (website)
SGSolicitor General
SGSignaling Gateway (IETF)
SGSignal Ground
SGSteam Generator
SGStandard Grade (various companies)
SGShattered Galaxy (game)
SGStandard Gauge (railroads)
SGSoundgarden (band)
SGSupporters Group
SGStudent Guide
SGSankt Gallen (canton postcode, Switzerland)
SGSavage Garden (band)
SGSolid Gold
SGSecurity Group (GSM Association)
SGSavage Genius (Japanese band)
SGSafety Glass
SGScum Gang (band)
SGSelena Gomez (actress)
SGSpace Group
SGSaibu Gas (Japan)
SGSpecific Group
SGSociety of Geenalogists (UK)
SGSeaborgium (element 106)
SGSome Girls (Rolling Stones album)
SGSwitchgrass (botany)
SGSuperannuation Guarantee (Australian finance)
SGSafety Guide
SGSentry Gun (TFC game slang)
SGScots Guards (British Regiment)
SGSaint Gall (Swiss Canton)
SGGeneral Secretariat
SGSacred Geometry
SGSecurity Guide
SGStewie Griffin (Family Guy character)
SGSmoke Grenade
SGStabsgefreiter (German military rank)
SGSurface Search Radar (US Navy)
SGSkin Graft
SGSpecific Goal (Capability Maturity Model Integration)
SGStatic Gradient (oil exploration)
SGService Grid (distributed computing)
SGSolid-body Guitar
SGSoylent Green
SGState Gazette
SGSuperglide (Shimano ramped and pinned chain rings)
SGStrain Gage
SGSuriname Guilder (national currency)
SGSanta Gertrudis (cattle breed)
SGSabado Gigante (Big Saturday; TV show, Univision)
SGSpark Gap (voltage control device)
SGSpyro Gyra (band)
SGSchmalenbach-Gesellschaft (German financial institute)
SGSwan-Ganz Catheter
SGSnow Grains (weather reports)
SGQualified in Submarines (US Navy)
SGSilly Goose
SGSymbol Generator
SGStochastic Gradient
SGSenior Grade
SGStanley Gibbons Catalogue (philatelic catalog)
SGSanaag (postal region, Somalia)
SGSegment Group
SGSupergrid (protocol)
SGSuper Gals (shoujo anime)
SGSocial Gender
SGState Grid Corporation of China
SGSalary Group
SGSupervivencia Global (Spanish: Overall Survival)
SGShirkat Gah (Urdu: Place of Participation; Pakistan)
SGSilent Generation
SGSolid Gear (game)
SGSehr Geehrte/r (German: Dear; salutation)
SGSpace Godzilla (advanced kayak roll)
SGShare Globally
SGStain Grade (building supplies)
SGStarter Group
SGSand Giant (Everquest)
SGSaint Gabriel's College (Bangkok, Thailand)
SGSiren's Grotto (Everquest, gaming)
SGStorm Gaming (website)
SGGroup Suppression (aviation)
SGSortie Generation
SGShattered Galaxies (game)
SGBrothers of Saint Gabriel (religious order)
SGStadtkapelle Germering (Germering, Germany)
SGStripper Gatherer
SGSynchronizing Generator (video engineering)
SGSpalding Guide (baseball)
SGSponsors Group for the Global Observing Systems
SGShow of Gas (drililng reports)
SGSouth Georgia Railway Company
SGSerum Globin (medicine)
SGSheridan-Gardner Visual Acuity Test
SGSkinners Guild (gaming forum)
SGSanspareils Greenland (Sports Pvt Ltd)
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Describe the purchasing behaviors of Florida residents within each Six Americas segment group.
Determine where members of each segment group get their information.
Concerned The largest segment group, the Concerned are convinced global warming is happening but are less concerned than the Alarmed.
Determine how many Florida residents belong to each of the Six Americas segment groups.
According to Volvo, these orders are expected to have a negative impact on its operating income by approximately SEK440m in the third quarter of 2014 in the segment group 'functions and other'.
The company said that since Mitchell joined the company, in 2011, he has served as EVP and COO and during that time Crane has delivered record operating results, adding that all segment group presidents will continue to report to Mitchell.
While sports nutrition in Japan is mainly marketed for athletes and men who regularly work out, products marketed for other segment groups are available.
Now we can segment groups by individual ages and target them with products that are relevant to each segment," Doyle notes.
For one thing, they are now more inclusive than ever, having expanded from targeted segment groups to community charters.
Astec Industries, headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, is a family of 16 companies divided into four market segment groups: aggregate processing and mining; asphalt-production equipment; mobile asphalt-paving equipment; and underground utility construction equipment.
Specifically, Aktrin classifies the five segment groups as young couples with no children; young couples with young children; middle-aged couples with older children; empty nesters; and retired people.
Provision of cleaning services of buildings of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens budget 4 387 000 EUR excluding VAT and total right amount of exercise options 409 033 EUR excluding VAT per Segment Groups buildings as follows:- Group A: 1 639 317,70 EUR excluding VAT 23% with option 245 897,66 EUR excluding VAT 23%- Group B: 398 214,83 EUR excluding VAT 23% with option 11 946,45 EUR excluding VAT 23%- Group C: 212 381,24 EUR excluding VAT 23% with option 10 619,06 EUR excluding VAT 23%- Group D: 564 137,67 EUR excluding VAT 23%, with an option 67 696,52 EUR excluding VAT 23%- Group C: 716 786,68 EUR excluding VAT 23%, with an option 21 503,60 EUR excluding VAT 23%- Group F: 856 161,88 EUR excluding VAT 23%, with an option 51 369,71 EUR excluding VAT 23%.