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There was no significant interaction (P<0.05) between substrate composition and mini-cutting segment type for all variables evaluated at 60 and 90 days of growth.
Sum of segment classification by geometrics of lane numbera and median type Segment type 1 (b) 2 4 6 8 None median 7 126 171 53 5 One median 0 0 18 9 26 Two medians 0 0 0 32 1 Three medians 0 0 0 9 21 PST (d) [%] 1.45 26.08 39.13 21.34 10.97 Segment type 10 (c) PST (d) [%] None median 5 75.98 One median 0 10.97 Two medians 0 6.83 Three medians 0 6.22 PST (d) [%] 1.04 100 (a) Total amounts of lanes in two directions; (b) Segments limited in single direction traffic; (c) Freeway segments; (d) Percentage of segment type.
We use between-firm variation to test for effects due to the fixed factors SEGMENT TYPE and RANKED, and the interaction between SEGMENT TYPE and RANKED, while controlling for INDUSTRY.
First, while prenasalized stops are a known segment type in the world's languages, heterorganic affricate-like contour segments, such as the [ps] of Clements's (1987) account, are not widely known as a type of single segment.
Problems associated with the acoustic signal properties are handled using appropriate signal analyses, by classifying the signal according to segment type and by training acoustic models for the different acoustic conditions.
Analysis of covariance (SYSTAT, Multivariate General Linear Hypothesis) was performed on normalized (natural-log transformed distance or square-root transformed wing loading) variables to determine the effect of wing loading (continuous covariate), segment type, wind speed, height of release, and interactions on the distance traveled in the wind tunnel.
The choice of segment type for the primary layer is based on the internal organization of the enterprise, the reporting structure to the CEO and the board of directors, and the nature of the risks and rewards faced by the organization.
In this study, the magnetic circuit model for designed 5-phase segment type SRM (ST-SRM) with short-pitched windings are presented [3] in order to determine the flux linkage of each phase for rotor position and combination of phase currents.
In either case, however, the physical storage of the segment occurrences will be in the form of a preorder sequential listing: top-to-bottom, left-to-right, and front-to-back (the latter meaning moving through the twin chain of occurrences of a given segment type).
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