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SHZStiftung Homoeopathie Zertifikat (German: Homeopathy Foundation Certificate)
SHZSpanish Home Zone (Spain)
SHZSeismic Hazard Zone
SHZShort Horn Zebu (cattle)
SHZSindikat Hrvatskih Zeljeznicara (Croatian: Croatian Union of Railwaymen)
SHZSchleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag (German: Schleswig-Holstein Newspaper Publisher)
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Probably, due to this uncertainty, Pakistan Building Code Seismic Provision 2007 (SCB) has placed Karachi in seismic hazard zone 2B, Table 1.
With the release of the maps, property owners must disclose to buyers that their land is in a seismic hazard zone, Young said.
Moorpark and Simi Valley were among the areas detailed in maps released by the state Tuesday showing seismic hazard zones, areas susceptible to landslides or sinking in an earthquake.
Users could overlay the redevelopment area, homeowner associations, significant ridgelines and fire, flood and seismic hazard zones.
In 1989, it adopted its Natural Hazard Ordinance, which mandates detailed engineering site studies for buildings of a certain size that are located in one of a number of seismic hazard zones (including fault rupture zones, liquefaction zones, and landslide zones).
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